Inclusive Education: Rethinking Ability and Opportunity

About the workshop
This is a rare opportunity to hear from people with disability who have first-hand experience of being educated under different models of education.
In this workshop, Norm Kunc and Emma Van der Klift will reflect on their student experiences, both the challenges and successes.
They will also draw on educator experiences and research to challenge us to rethink ideas of “doing inclusion” so schools can intentionally build and maintain a sense of belonging for all students and adults in the school.
They argue that an ongoing confusion between ability and opportunity holds back progress in inclusive education.
Topics covered will include:

  • Belonging as an inherent need of all people
  • Collaborative planning
  • Effective classroom and school based supports
  • Better ideas for supporting students who need support around behaviour

Download the pdf flyer here
Download the Accessible word document flyer here

Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift from Vancouver, Canada are well-known speakers and advocates within the disability rights community. On their first visit to Brisbane these modern day storytellers will use humour and narrative to initiate self-reflection and social change.
Norman and Emma travel throughout North America and internationally providing training in the areas of inclusive education, employment equity, behaviour support, and other disability rights issues. They have also developed ‘Conversations that Matter,’ an online values training platform featuring the leading voices in community living and disability rights.

Who should attend?
This workshop is for parents of school aged children and teachers, principals and other educators interested in successful inclusion in regular classrooms.

CRU has some capacity to reduce registration fees and assist with other costs, particularly for people with disability & family members not sponsored by an organisation. Contact CRU for more information.

To view CRU’s Cancellation Policy please visit the CRU website:

Follow up resources from our Employment For All event with Michael Callahan

Here are some resources to follow up from the Employment for All seminar, held on August the 15th, 2017.

Michael Callahan (and related) Resources

Michael Callahan has written extensively on Customised Employment and related topics.  He has many of them can be found on the Marc Gold & Associates website.  This includes articles, forms, guides, examples and presentations from Michael.  There are literally dozens of papers here so we encourage you to explore this website.

You may have seen three books on the table that Michael brought with him.  He will be selling e-book versions of these through the Marc Gold & Associates website soon.

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New Opportunities: Wisdom from the NDIS trial sites

These videos are from footage taken our our “New Opportunities for a Good Life: Experiences from NDIS Trial Sites” events.  These one day forums, held in Toowoomba, Brisbane, Rockhampton and Hervey Bay showcased stories by and about people with disabilities and their families who have been involved in various NDIS trial sites from across Australia.

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Aoife O’Toole: Agency Transformation

The ‘Agency Transformation’ events held throughout October were designed to assist managers and other key decision makers to think through the core requirements for authentic service transformation so that services would be individually tailored and designed to assist people with a disability to live better lives.

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