These eight modules were developed and delivered by CRU to assist families of students with disability to be clear, informed, confident and connected so they can work as respected and valued partners in their children’s education.

The Families For Inclusive Education (FFIE) project is proudly supported by the Queensland Government through the department of education.

The eight online learning modules are:

  1. A Vision For Inclusion
  2. What is Inclusion and Why is it Worth Pursuing?
  3. Foundations for a Collaborative Relationship
  4. Building Skills for Communication and Collaboration
  5. Advocacy Strategies
  6. Applying the Knowledge and Skills
  7. Resources and Contacts for Overcoming Challenges
  8. Staying Connected and Getting Support

These videos can be watched below, or on a dedicated playlist created on our YouTube channel.

Module 1:  A Vision for Inclusion

In this 15 minute video, gain a deeper understanding of why parents and family members of children with disability need to have a vision for inclusion in regular school.

Learn from CRU’s Senior Consultant Dr Lisa Bridle how to create a vision, and hear how she used it effectively to set her son on a path for lifelong inclusion in his local community.

Module 2: What is Inclusion and Why is it Worth Pursuing?

What does inclusion at school and in the classroom look like?  What is the difference between inclusion, integration, segregation and exclusion, and why does it matter?

CRU Consultant Lindie Brengman guides viewers through what she has learned as a parent of a High School daughter with a disability, and why it has been important to know the difference, and keep striving for her daughter’s inclusion.

Module 3: Foundations for a Collaborative Relationship

Like every relationship, families and schools working together effectively takes some understanding and planning.

In this video, CRU consultant Fiona Moore shares with parents some insights she has developed in her experience as an educator passionate about inclusive education, plus content around what parents can reasonably expect under law and the Department of Education’s Parent and Community Engagement Framework.

Module 4: Building Skills for communication and collaboration

Are you a parent of a child with a disability struggling to keep your cool in those tough conversations with school?  Or do you tend to agree to everything, only to regret it later?

In this 10 minute video, CRU Consultant and parent Lindie Brengman will help you review your communication style, and assist you to plan ways of getting the best outcomes for your child, even when the conversations are difficult.

Module 5: Advocacy Strategies

Learn to be a more effective advocate for your child with disability.  CRU Senior Consultant and experienced advocate for her son, Dr Lisa Bridle, describes what assists parents to successfully pursue inclusive education for their children, what hinders and helps the building of partnerships between parents and teachers, and her top tips for being an effective advocate.

Module 6: Applying the knowledge and skills

Feeling overwhelmed with issues that need to be discussed with school?  Or feeling stuck, not knowing how to move forward with getting a more inclusive education experience for your child with disability?

This 5-minute video will take you step-by-step through planning your approach to the next conversation with school.

Module 7: Resources and Contacts for Overcoming Challenges

What resources are available to Queensland schools to support your child with a disability?  Where do you go if you have a concern?  Or if you need to make a complaint (and what avenues should you exhaust before this)?

This brief overview is designed for parents wanting to know more about resources and the complaints process in Queensland.

Module 8: Staying Connected and Getting Support

Are you a parent of a child with a disability who is finding advocating for your child’s inclusion exhausting?

Spend 5 minutes with CRU Consultant Lindie Brengman sharing what she has found invaluable for sustaining her over the long haul.