Board and Staff

Fletcher Tame

Fletcher Tame

Fletch joined the Board of Directors for the first time in 2015 & brings with him over 20 years’ experience in community services; over half this time in team leadership and Management roles.

Relatively new to Disability, the potential to work with people toward positive change underlies Fletch’s involvement with CRU.  His first connection with CRU was as a participant in the ten day Optimal Individual Service design course in 2010.

Fletch is a manager with the Endeavour Foundation and is married with three young children.

Articles for CRU

Whose needs are being served:  The benefits of bureaucratic shielding (CRUcial Times 54, 2018) (PDF)

Josey McMahon

Josey McMahon

Company Secretary

Josey McMahon is married and has four adult children, two adult-step children, three grandchildren, and three step grandchildren to keep her busy. Josey’s own experience of living with a disability and having a sister with disability has given her a passion for the rights of all those who are disadvantaged, particularly those who are disadvantaged due to disability.

Josey strongly believes that all people should be treated with dignity and respect and should be given the support they need to reach their potential.

During Josey’s time as Manager of Gold Coast Advocacy (GCA) she provided potent independent advocacy to people with disability who were disadvantaged and living on the fringes of society. Following her time at GCA she managed the Community Enablers project, where she worked with people with disability and their families to build their capacity to direct their own lives. Josey works as an independent consultant helping people to build great lives through planning.

Articles for CRU

What is involved in delivering a quality service for people with a disability from an advocacy perspective (CRUcial Times 36, 2006) (PDF)

Planning to Achieve Insurmountable Goals (CRUcial Times 48, 2015) (PDF)

Video for CRU

From dream to reality. A new start for Cathy (YouTube video)

Sherryn West

Sherryn West

Chairperson of the Finance and Business Development Sub-Committees (Finance Chairperson)

Sherryn has worked for more than 16 years in the community sector in administration and finance management roles. She has worked at Micah Project Inc. since 2007 and her current role there is as Organisation Services Manager. Prior to that she was Finance Manager for the Mamre Association.

As well as being Treasurer on the CRU Board of Directors, Sherryn is the finance volunteer and treasurer at the Langri Tangpa Centre, a non-profit centre for Tibetan Buddhist meditation and teaching in Brisbane.

Along with this knowledge of community sector finance and governance, Sherryn brings her experience as older sister to Marisha. She is actively involved in holding the vision for Marisha to enjoy a full rich life in community, and supporting a model of self-directed support. In the past, Sherryn has also contributed to the Pave the Way Implementation Group, as a member of the Mamre Governance Board and has written and presented on her experience as a sister for a number of organisations including CRU, Mamre and Belonging Matters.

Articles for CRU

From the Committee (CRUcial Times 51, 2006) (PDF)

Narissa Niesler

Narissa Niesler


Narissa Niesler (nee Wilson) is a leader, designer, manager and someone who is passionately focused and committed to inclusive communities for people with disabilities. For the past decade professionally, Narissa has led highly productive teams within the IT sector and founded a small web and graphic design business.

Having grown up in the mining town of Mount Isa, Narissa has experienced rural and remote living first-hand. She is now based on the Sunshine Coast and advocates and manages her own supports and services which she has been self-managing since 2009.

Narissa has been a member of CRU’s Leadership Development committee since 2015 and regularly writes and presents, for CRU and other agencies, about her experiences as a young professional woman with disability.

Articles for CRU

Leading my life through my vision (CRUcial Times 43, 2012) (PDF)

Reflection on Right Relationships (CRUcial Times 54, 2018) (PDF)

Luke OSullivan

Luke O’Sullivan


Luke O’Sullivan became a member of CRU’s Management Committee (now Board of Directors) in October 2015.

After studying Visual Arts in Sydney, Luke went on to become a facilitator and coordinator of art, performance and numerous other programs, with adults with disabilities at Studio ARTES Northside Inc. Luke worked there for a number of years until deciding to travel and continue working with people with disabilities overseas.

Since returning to Australia, Luke has worked for a variety of organisations in support and facilitating positions. More recently, Luke has been involved in working in self-managed support and completing his studies in Disability Inclusion at Griffith University. He is keen to learn more about how to improve the lives of all people, both with and without disabilities.

When not at work or studying Luke enjoys watching a good movie, finding the perfect coffee, and helping a friend self-build his house.

Articles for CRU

From the board (CRUcial Times 52, 2017) (PDF)

Videos for CRU

Making it Personal (YouTube video)

Gerhard Tromp

Gerhard Tromp


Gerhard Tromp has been involved in the lives of people living with disabilities since 2012 when he started as a support worker. Since then he has been working with Homes West, Open Minds, and Staffing Options.

Through this work Gerhard has developed an interest in promoting good lives for people living with disabilities. He first came to CRU for information about Circles of Support and undertook CRU’s Facilitation Training to help with his contribution as a Circle member. He also completed the Deep Quality Through Optimal Individual Service Design (OISD) course.

In his free time, Gerhard enjoys aqua scaping (creating planted aquariums), playing basketball, and has recently started learning the trumpet.

Articles for CRU

From the board: Investing in Support Workers (CRUcial Times 52, 2017) (PDF)

Videos for CRU

Circles of Support:  Circle Facilitators (YouTube video)

CRU Staff

Photo of Margaret Rodgers

Margaret Rodgers

Chief Executive Officer

Margaret Rodgers’ commitment to people with disabilities began in a L’Arche community in India in the early 80′s. For thirty years, she has enjoyed working with people with a disability and their families in Queensland in a variety of organisations; many involved in family support and most in the non-government sector. She first worked for CRU in 1996, coordinating the Leadership Development program for 4 years. When her children were young and also while living in Cairns she undertook a variety of part time and short term roles.

In recent years she co-ordinated the Building of Informal Networks project with the Mamre Association where Circles of Support were used as a key strategy to assist adults move into homes of their own. In 2009, Margaret was engaged by Disability Services Queensland to further the implementation of person centred practice. During this time she became involved in the issue of improving the lives of people caught in the cycle of Emergency and Crisis. Marg returned to CRU to take up the position of Director in August 2009.

When she is not at CRU, Marg can be found at her old house in a small town outside Brisbane. Marg finds that a good book and planning the next trip away are perfect renovation-avoidance techniques.

Lisa Bridle

Lisa Bridle

Senior Consultant

Lisa Bridle started as a Senior Consultant at CRU in 2010, with responsibility in the area of Leadership Development. CRU has a long-standing interest in fostering leadership for social change. Lisa’s role includes the development of strategies and programs which promote and sustain leadership towards positive change in the lives of people with disability.

Lisa is a social worker who worked previously in community development and domestic violence prevention and support. She has lived in the inner southside for almost 30 years. Since the birth of her son, Sean, in 1995, Lisa has been an active member of a number of disability advocacy and family organisations. She is a “recycled” CRU team member and has also held positions at Queensland Advocacy Inc. and Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability, as well as undertaking sessional teaching at University of Queensland and Griffith University. Lisa has a keen interest in bioethical issues impacting on people with disability, and in 2004, she completed her PhD, examining the ethical implications of prenatal diagnosis.

As a family member whose vision of a positive life for her own son was inspired and nurtured by attending CRU events, reading CRU materials, and by the relationships formed with others who uphold the right of people with disability to live a full rich life in community, Lisa is passionate about promoting those same opportunities to other families.

Portrait photo of Gina Barwell-Pickup

Gina Barwell-Pickup


Gina Barwell-Pickup started at CRU in August 2020 as a consultant in the ‘From School to Work’ project. Gina is the mother of two children, including a teenager with a disability.

Since studying business at university, Gina has held a broad range of roles in a variety of industries from hotels to education; in State government and small business. Additional experience in Recruitment will equip her well to assist students and their families to get ready for work.

Gina has studied Auslan (Australian sign language) and when not at work, enjoys spending time with family, travel, trying new foods, and walking the dog.

Portrait photograph of Lindie smiling

Lindie Brengman


Lindie Brengman started working at CRU in 2019 as a consultant in the Families for Inclusive Education project. Lindie is an Occupational Therapist and mother of 4, including a teenager with a disability.

Lindie was a founding member of the Queensland Collective for Inclusive Education (QCIE). She has written and presented from a parent perspective and on the attributes of teachers that contribute to quality inclusive educational practice. She enjoys connecting with other parents who dream big dreams for their children.

With her husband, four kids, dog, cat, fish, and chooks, Lindie can’t remember when she last read a book ‘for fun’, so luckily she finds her work fun. And hobbies…hmmm…there’s an unfinished cross stitch stashed away in the laundry that’s 17 years old.

Portrait photograph of Sonia smiling

Sonia Brown-Diaz

Administration Officer

Sonia Brown-Diaz started with CRU in July 2019 as the Administration Officer working on the Families for Inclusive Education Project. This role combines her passion for social justice with her extensive administration and project management experience.

Sonia was first introduced to CRU and its work when her now 14 year old daughter was born with a disability. Sonia recognises the value of CRU’s role in assisting and educating families, workers, organisations and the broader public.

Sonia is also a qualified Yoga Instructor, teaching marginalised community members, and specialises in teaching trauma-informed yoga. Sonia is an avid reader and enjoys practising yoga (not just teaching it) and when free time avails itself playing in nature and summer are her absolute favourite things to do.

Portrait photograph of Kath smiling

Kathleen Fleming

Administration Officer

Kathleen Fleming joined the CRU team as an Administration Assistant in 2006. Working one day per week, Kath is the person behind the scenes who photocopies handouts; fills folders and makes the name tags for all the CRU workshops.

Kath is an accomplished artist and you will see some of her work on the walls at CRU as well as on the signal boxes in Yeerongpilly and Corinda. She contributed the artwork that was used for the branding for our 2016 conference: Claiming a Positive Future – The Power of Possibility.

Kath also loves dancing and going to the gym.

Portrait photo of Kelly Harrison

Kelly Harrison


Kelly Harrison joined the CRU team in August 2020 as a Consultant in the Fee for Service work stream. She has over 15 years of experience in the travel and tourism sector, working in consulting, business development and leadership roles.

Kelly is passionate about helping teams and individuals reach their potential and enjoys attaching herself to organisational and cultural change projects.

Kelly has a young family of her own and is very close to her 3 sisters, one of whom lives with disability. Outside of work and spending time with loved ones, Kelly is an avid traveller and enjoys reading and swimming (with a preference for combining all three!).

Portrait photograph of Kim smiling

Kim Jensen

Office Manager

Kim Jensen has been at CRU since March 2011, working 3 days per week as an Administration Officer. With a background in Environmental Health, Kim has previously worked in government and non government health services in Australia and the UK. Before coming to CRU, Kim juggled caring for young children with running a small business which makes her extremely well qualified to manage the many and varied tasks that land on the Admin Officer’s desk at CRU.

When not at work, Kim enjoys camping, travel, bushwalking and spending time with her family.

Portrait photograph of Catherine smiling

Catherine Laherty


Catherine Laherty joined CRU as a Consultant in January 2015, as part of the team working on the NDIS Participant Readiness project.

Her professional background has largely been in membership-based social change organisations, working at the Services Union (the ASU) through the Queensland Pay Equity case and national Equal Pay campaign for social, community and disability services workers, and at Amnesty International Australia.

Catherine believes everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the good things in life and feels very lucky to work at places and with people that pursue this.

Catherine is a sister to three brothers, one of whom has a disability and all of whom live and work in Toowoomba.

Danielle Mason Smiling warmly

Danielle Mason


Danielle Mason has worked in a few roles in the CRU team, including helping to develop the organisation’s Fee for Service stream and responding to requests for work. She has returned to CRU as a part-time general consultant after taking leave in 2019 to raise her young family.

After studying psychology Danielle became a support worker, thoroughly enjoyed the work and decided on a career in the disability field. Danielle’s previous work experience was with a small service that worked alongside people living in long-stay public health facilities.  It was here that she was exposed to SRV theory, leading to a passion for striving for good, ordinary lives for people with disability.

Outside of work and time with her family, Danielle enjoys reading, baking and has recently started learning to sew.

Jen Mouritz

Jen Mouritz


Jen Mouritz joined CRU in July 2015 as part of the team working on the NDIS readiness project. Since the project completion in 2018 Jen has continued to work at CRU as a general consultant. Her roles include resourcing people with disabilities and their families about inclusion, inclusive education, self-direction.  She also enjoys resourcing community groups with strategies to welcome people with disabilities well.

While studying visual art and secondary education Jen was a part time support worker.  Since then she has worked directly with people with a disability and their families using self-directed approaches to support.  Jen has also worked as a teacher in mainstream and special school settings as a learning support and an art teacher.

Outside of work Jen enjoys printmaking and growing food in her subtropical garden.  Jen is passionate about her home town of Ipswich and makes screen printed wares that celebrate the suburbs of the city.

Portrait photo of Ainsley Robertson

Ainsley Robertson


Ainsley Robertson joined CRU in 2020 and is working as a consultant on the Families For Inclusive Education project. Ainsley has over 20 years’ experience as a primary school teacher and for the past five years she has worked as an education advisor (learning disabilities) and specialist teacher (literacy and numeracy) supporting students and families.

Ainsley has also navigated the education system as the parent of a primary school aged son who is autistic and a teenage daughter with specific learning needs. Ainsley’s passions include inclusive education, evidence-based teaching practice, assistive technology, and she has a keen interest in disability advocacy and peer support.

When not in the CRU office Ainsley enjoys bushwalking and stand-up paddle boarding with her family. Wherever she can Ainsley sneaks time to herself to read, Australian fiction is her favourite genre.

Portrait photograph of Hugh Rose-Miller

Hugh Rose-Miller

Information Consultant

Hugh Rose-Miller has been the Information Consultant at CRU since January 2013.  In this role Hugh is responsible for producing and sharing resources (including CRU’s videos, articles and our Podcast – CRUcial Conversations), developing websites and managing our interactive technologies. Hugh’s role is also to resource people with high quality, up-to-date, relevant and accessible information that assists people with disability to belong to and participate in community life.  This includes digital resources and traditional physical resources from CRU’s resource collection.

With a background in social work, Hugh is passionate about using his tech-skills to engage people from across Queensland with the work of CRU. His work is especially relevant to those who are not able to come to our face to face workshops or conversations. It is his hope to create the means through which a broader range of people can be involved.

When not at work Hugh is a parent, eager volunteer and at the time of writing, regular swimmer.

Portrait photograph of Kerrie smiling

Kerrie White

Administration Officer

Kerrie White joins the CRU Administration Team after relocating to Brisbane from the Northern Territory. Her recent background is in Arts Administration, but Kerrie has also been in the corporate sector, and the management of a not for profit organisation. Moving to Queensland has allowed her to become more involved in the life of a family member with a disability, and better understand the importance of being able to “live a good life” for everyone.

Outside of work Kerrie enjoys drawing and painting, and hopes to set up a ceramics space and kiln when her home renovations are complete.

Casual staff

Photo of Sharon Bourke

Sharon Bourke

Sharon Bourke currently works as a Professional Development Consultant and has presented many Participant Readiness sessions for CRU.

She has worked in various roles, including managing individualised support agencies, advocacy, workshop facilitation and planning.  In partnership with her youngest son Dan, Sharon has chosen to self-direct funds that support him.

A Photo of Trish Feehely

Trish Feehely

For many years, Trish Feehely worked alongside people with disability and their families in a variety of social work roles in regional Queensland. For the past three years she has been an independent NDIS Support Coordinator in Brisbane.

Trish has seen the benefits of building relationships within each person’s local community and also the benefits of getting reliable support from allies. While she knows it is ‘easier said than done’, Trish is eager to continue to work with people to strengthen their connections in vibrant, welcoming communities.

Portrait photo of Diana Kerr

Diana Kerr

Diana Kerr joined the CRU team as a Consultant in 2020. She has a background in Business Communication working mainly in Learning and Development but has a particular interest in Leadership. Diana believes that diversity and difference is not only what makes the world amazing but should be embraced and celebrated.

Diana returned to Australia in 2017 having spent 16 years living and working in the UK and travelling as much of the world as she could. She has since been committed to her family; building a team and knowledge to support her young son with a disability.

Diana is passionate about life and gets excited about most things! She loves traveling, socialising, exercising outdoors, spending time at the beach, and has been known to have a little dance when the music takes her there.

A photo of Trish Murdoch

Trish Murdoch

Trish Murdoch has been passionate about people with disability living individual and rich lives for several decades. Firstly, Trish is a godmother, friend and aunty to loved ones who live with a disability.

Starting work as a nurse she experienced working in large, inappropriate, medical disability institutions. This led to a desire to work in areas of transformative attitudes and practice around people with disability. She discovered CRU in 1990 and soon after SRV Theory, which both inspired and informed her work.

Prior to moving away from Brisbane, Trish worked with Pave the Way, in vision, planning, and Circles of Support work. Previous areas of work in disability in Brisbane, Melbourne and Toowoomba have been: health education in special schools; spirituality and disability; leadership development with young adults with intellectual disability; church community development; resource writing; workshop presentations; and family support for inclusion of children 0-6yrs.

Trish has formal qualifications in Nursing, Health Education, Leadership, and Disability Studies.  Outside of work, Trish enjoys learning to play a musical instrument; bike riding; Feldenkrais; and mind & soul nurturing.

Tracy Pate

Tracy Pate

Tracy Pate, pursued a successful career as a senior investment advisor before dedicating her time to raising her children and working in a voluntary capacity in the disability sector.

Tracy is passionate about all her children living active lives and wants Bobby to have the same opportunities as her other children. She sees that people with disability and their families must drive the pursuit of a “good ordinary life” and strives to build an inclusive society – one where all which children attend an ordinary school with their peers.

Suellen Welch

Suellen Welch

Suellen Welch focuses on promoting, strengthening and defending person centred and directed responses. Suellen has previously worked for several small community based organisations in Brisbane in team leader and key worker roles.

She has experience working as a support worker, supervising support workers, as well as engaging support workers to work with her son.