CRU regularly holds events of varying sizes across Queensland. These are designed to strategically resource people and organisations as they strive to pursue better lives for people with disabilities. They range from small local gatherings to share local wisdom through to large conferences that attract people from around the country.

The variety of these events reflect our attempt to respond to the differing needs of our stakeholder groups. CRU is committed to giving an equal voice to people with disability and their family members so that their views can be heard alongside academics, professionals and service providers.

Some events are held on a semi-regular basis and we often hold events in partnership with other agencies. Please contact CRU if you are interested in working with CRU to co-host an event.

CRU’s Date Claimer has now been released for the remainder of 2019, including the Families for Inclusive Education workshops.

CRU's Date Claimer for the remainder of 2019.

Feedback from our events

Person presenting at a conference