Bringing the Good Life to Life videos

These videos were created for our resource website Bringing the Good Life to Life.  The footage came from CRU events held in Brisbane and Rockhampton and share stories and topics including:

  • The power of planning
  • Focusing on potential
  • The value of real work for real pay
  • How low expectations limit the Good Life
  • Starting small business
  • The importance of starting with the person

Ruby Lawler – The Power of Planning

Alison and Marlene Crawford – A red lounge and white timber blinds. Alison’s vision for her home

Kate Alcorn – Life is a Cruise

Dale Speed – My First Job

Peter Rowe – Focusing on Potential

Zachary and Liza – A Groovy Idea

Michael Kendrick – How low Expectations limit the Good Life

Peter Symonds – The Job of Starting with the Person