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Inclusive Education

These fact sheets have been developed to build the capacity of parents to create and facilitate peer support networks and further their sons’ and daughters’ inclusive education.

Inclusive Education means that all students attend and are welcomed by their neighbourhood schools in age-appropriate, regular classes and are supported to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of the life of the school.

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Inclusive Employment

Getting a part time job in high school is a common rite of passage that enriches the lives of many young people.  These fact sheets have been developed to help young people with disability get their first job.

As well as getting spending money having a job opens up opportunities for friendship, skill development and life experience.   The value of this experience is equally important for young people with disability but it can require some extra thinking and planning, as outlined in the fact sheets.

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This project has been funded by Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) and National Disability Services (NDS) through the Inclusion Ready project funded by the Queensland Government.


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