Aoife O’Toole: Agency Transformation

The ‘Agency Transformation’ events held throughout October were designed to assist managers and other key decision makers to think through the core requirements for authentic service transformation so that services would be individually tailored and designed to assist people with a disability to live better lives.

The workshops were hosted by Community Resource Unit (CRU) partnering with The Workforce Council’s Disability Sector Training Fund (DSTF) who provided financial support to assist workers to attend.

Cheshire Ireland’s Service Quality Manager Aoife O’Toole led Day four of the Agency Transformation series and shared her experiences of individualising service for 17 individuals and closing two institutions in 2011.



What were Some of the Elements Involved in the Change?

What was Critical to Sustain your Agency through these Changes?

What were the Lessons you Learnt?

What does Life now look like for People living in the Community?