Bringing the Good Life to Life

Resourcing and inspiring the Good Life

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The eight pages of this website look at the age old question of ‘What is the Good Life?’ and explores ideas, strategies and some of the thinking that can help bring this to life for a person with disability.

Our idea was to create a website that explored what makes a Good Life and some of the things that can be done to create and sustain this for a person with disability. We have gathered some great content that already exists on this topic and created some new resources that highlight key ideas and share the wisdom of others.

“I have begun diving into your Good Life website and have to say that it has changed the quality of our lives from the first exposure I had to it - heart felt thank you to CRU for putting together such an incredibly powerful and in-depth resource.”
Feedback on our website

By following the links you can see where the resources have come from and continue your own research. As well as resources from around the world we have highlighted local resources that are relevant to the Australian and Queensland context. We trust that this means there will be a mix of familiar concepts, old favourites and new resources that will be of interest to everyone that CRU is connected with.

The pages cover the following topics:

  1. The Good Life
  2. Getting Started
  3. Including Others
  4. The Role of the NDIS
  5. Funded Services and Supports
  6. Blocks and Barriers
  7. Keeping on Going
  8. The Bigger Picture (Coming Soon)

The creation of this website was partially funded through the Queensland Government’s NDIS Participant Readiness project.