Families for Inclusive Education

Whether you are a student, family member, educator, school leader, other professional, or a community member interested in inclusive education, it is helpful to keep learning about inclusive education.

On this page, you will find resources on what quality inclusive education looks like in practice, including research on what works, laws and policies on inclusion, and current approaches to inclusion in class, in the playground and in all aspects of school life.

You will also find stories from families and educators pursuing inclusive education and practical tips on the “how” of successful inclusion and parent advocacy.

CRU has recently released a series of three translated videos about Inclusive Education, these videos are presented in Mandarin, Arabic and Vietnamese.

Resources for inclusive education

These resources have been gathered to deepen understanding of inclusive education and how families and others can pursue a high quality inclusive education.

Online Learning

As part of this project CRU will be hosting a series of webinars and developing online learning modules.  See below for the videos and related resources.