History of CRU

The origins of CRU lie in an initiative of the parent advocacy organisation, Queensland Parents of People with a Disability (QPPD). In its role as a catalyst for improving services for people with disabilities and their families, QPPD, in alliance with some committed professionals, organised the Search Workshop.

Held in October 1987, this gathering of 90 people involved people with disability, parents, service providers and government representatives from all over Queensland, coming together to develop a shared vision for Queensland. One of the initiatives to come from this 3 day gathering was a task force which developed a strategy for supporting, informing and providing training opportunities for people with disabilities, their families, workers and organisations. CRU is a result of that work. Initially sponsored by QPPD, CRU subsequently became incorporated in October 1988.

Search Celebration Dinner

In October 2012 CRU hosted a dinner for 150 people at the Novotel Hotel to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Search Conference. We wanted to remember our history and to celebrate the importance of visionary leadership, people power, dreaming big, collaboration over time and staying faithful to a vision.

Speeches from the dinner:

Snapshots of CRU

Queensland Parents of People with Disability (QPPD)

Queensland Parents for People with a Disability Inc (QPPD) was a parent-based, mission-driven organisation which existed from 1981 to 2015. It was established to “vigorously defend justice and rights for people with disability by exposing exclusionary practices, speaking out against injustices and promoting people with disability as respected, valued and participating members of society.”

In working towards this mission, parent members from QPPD consistently advocated for inclusion in all walks of life so that all people might learn the importance of belonging and the democratic strength of diversity.

The pursuit of genuinely inclusive education was a long-term priority for the organisation. QPPD supported Queensland parents in their dream to have their children educated in local schools alongside their non-disabled peers. They assisted parents to develop skills in advocacy, knowledge of the legal frameworks underpinning inclusion and information about developing effective partnerships with educators. QPPD’s systemic advocacy efforts were wide-ranging and included campaigns, representations to state and federal government, participation in ministerial taskforces and roundtables, and production of discussion papers and research.

In addition to this systems advocacy focus, QPPD developed a wide membership of families and friends across Queensland who took up issues collectively and supported eachother in a movement of change. Members of QPPD personally supported one another and offered guidance and wise counsel before and after challenging situations.

Below is a collection of the many resources created by QPPD: