Telling the Untold: Stories of banned and unrequited love

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Telling the Untold:  Stories of banned and unrequited love.

by Beverley Funnell (2001)

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Telling the Untold follows on from a project, started in 1996 by the Community Resource Unit (CRU), to provide support to families of the men and women who were residents of Challinor Centre at that time.  

This book captures the experiences and insights of a number of families who have had the courage to bring into the public domain the intensely private pain that they have lived with for many years following the institutionalisation of a family member in Challinor Centre.

Read this book and be reminded about the centrality of love and family relationships in the lives of all people, and understand that this is never more true than it is for those who are highly vulnerable to social rejection and exclusion.

by Beverley Funnell (2001)

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