Letting In The Light


Letting In The Light:  Reflections on Leaderships, Ethics and Human Services

by Dr. Michael Kendrick

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Letting In The Light:  Reflections on Leaderships, Ethics and Human Services

CRU Publications (2009)

Book Review “Letting in the Light”

The many topics in this illuminating book argue that there seem to be no good reasons for designing human services so that they reflexively strip people of normative control and influence in their own lives. True quality of service provides the advantage of creating a moral, political and economic agenda that favours service recipients within an ethical framework which permits a more egalitarian relationship between service recipients and service systems, as well as with the broader community.

by Dr. Michael Kendrick

Quotes from the Book Launch 15th October 2009

This is truly a unique volume because it has something for us all, whether a person with a disability, a family member, a service provider, a bureaucrat or an interested member of the community; something to make us think, something to challenge us, something that will stir us into action.”
Mike Duggan

The book challenges us to think deeply about human nature and human potential. It works with the deep complexities of service and its many flawed impressions, but mostly it provides a practical agenda and guide to assist thoughtful people to be actually helpful; a guide for truly working and being and living in ways that nurture and enliven human possibility.”
Anne Cross

The book contains key concepts that Michael has long promoted. They have stuck in my mind and have been important reference points for me. They include the importance of right relationship, that people with a disability speak with an authority that cannot be denied and the importance of intentional and personalised safeguards. The message is one about the inherent richness of ordinary lives and the need to look to ordinary solutions in the life of communities to provide ordinary lives for people who are devalued.
Lyn Farrell

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