Creating change

For over thirty years’ CRU has worked across Queensland to create meaningful, positive and sustained change that favors people with disabilities.

CRU is a place for people to collaborate, challenge and inspire each other and we welcome all people who share our aims to link with us either formally or informally. Our constituency is made up of people with disabilities, family members and workers from the government and non-government sector and we regularly engage in partnerships across these groups.

As a small organization, with an ambitious vision for full and meaningful lives for people living with disability we have little capacity to work with people one by one on their efforts for change.  Instead we seek to support people and their supporters to lead their own change. It is our role to be a catalyst that creates the preconditions for authentic change to happen.

Through connecting with CRU we hope that people will gain information on what is possible, confidence to act and connection with others who are seeking good lives for people with disability.

Each time I attend a CRU event be it large or small I come away with new ideas/thoughts about how I might look differently at my daughter's life and how I can build on it.

CRU 2017 Stakeholder Survey

In addition to providing information at workshops, CRU provides information and related resources through our catalogued resource collection, our periodical CRUcial times and through our website and Facebook page. An important element of our work includes encouraging, connecting, resourcing and supporting people. CRU works in many ways to assist people to connect with each other – through individual conversations, semi formalized peer support networks, large and small gatherings

The ultimate test of practical leadership is the realisation of intended, real change that meets people's enduring needs.

James MacGregor Burns

CRU has adopted a theory of change which emphasizes a change of heart and of mindsets, as well as changes to the structures that limit and oppress people with disabilities. We wish to be an effective agent of change however CRU does not identify as an advocacy organizations and is not involved in direct service provision. We endeavor to resource, encourage and connect people to create change for themselves.