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Pricing is for customers in Queensland and is current for 2019 and may be subject to change. Please click here to contact us to discuss your training requirements.

Each year CRU offers a variety of events and workshops that are open to all.  Some people choose to engage CRU to develop and deliver additional services that expand or deepen this work.

Our suite of ready-made workshops and courses have been designed to provide people with the ideas and practical strategies that are needed to create positive change and are suitable for people with disability, family members, and workers at all levels and organisations.

We are a regional not-for-profit organisation who need to keep abreast of the current learnings. CRU are at the forefront of education and they continue to forge ahead to share invaluable education that upskills our organisation and helps us achieve best practice.
Feedback from a CRU stakeholder survey, 2019

CRU also works with people with a disability and families at an individual level to support their efforts to pursue a meaningful life.

We can design tailor-made training packages to best match the needs of your team or organisation, including for people who are self-managing their own support.   Speak to us about your options for personalising our training packages or purpose building training to suit your unique needs.

Click here to download a PDF of our 2019/2020 Catalogue of Services

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Pricing is for customers in Queensland and is current for 2019 and may be subject to change. Please contact us to discuss your training requirements.

Tailored Workshops

Welcoming People Well

Disability Awareness Training Click here to download the workshop flyer (PDF)

Available in half day or full day options, these workshops are suitable for community groups, organisations in the private sector, government departments and all groups interested in supporting the full inclusion of people with disability in community and civic life.

The workshop is designed as a short introduction to the fundamentals of social inclusion. By focusing on people’s strengths and our commonalities, we will assist you to build the capacity of your group, club, team or organisation to be welcoming and inclusive of all people.

Training for Support Workers

Getting to the Heart of What Matters Click here to download the workshop flyer (PDF)

This one or two day workshop is an opportunity for support workers to critically reflect upon the essential purpose of their role, the values that drive ‘support’, and the sorts of relationships which are core to supporting someone well, particularly in relation to valued roles and community belonging.

This workshop provides participants with frameworks that help to deepen their understanding of how they can contribute to a better life for the person they support.

The event was very good. The day was full of rich discussion and ideas of how to improve our support. I was very happy with the workshop.

Feedback from a support worker

Individual Consultancies

CRU’s individual consultancies and ongoing coaching and mentoring arrangements offer an opportunity to work one-on-one with a skilled disability consultant. These conversations can be tailored according to your needs and can take place at the CRU office or somewhere convenient to you, such as your home.

Our consultants offer a wealth of experience in building the capacity of people with disability and their families, and can help you to think about your needs, goals and the supports that may be useful to help you achieve a rich, meaningful and inclusive life.

Our experienced consultants understand disability issues and can help to provide fresh perspectives, make a plan of action, and develop skills and confidence around self-directing and self-managing. We do this to assist you and your supporters to become clear, confident and in control as you strive for the good things in life.

A CRU consultant can also assist you to bring paid and unpaid supports together by organising and facilitating Circles of Support.

CRU offers one-off consultations and discounted rates for ongoing mentoring arrangements. We currently offer a Consultation Package that includes an initial phone conversation, a 2-hour face-to-face consultation, provision of notes (if required) and 1 follow up session (usually by phone). To find out more about our consultancy services, please see our flyer Using your NDIS Plan & Funding at CRU (PDF), or contact the CRU office.

To find out more about this service, please click here to contact the CRU office.


Workbooks and resources on a table, with a hand starting to write notes in the section titled 'about the person'A cru staff member in discussion with a mother, sitting on her sofa in her living room4 women sitting at a table with planning resources and cru materials.  1 woman has a disability, 1 is a staff member from cru and the other 2 are her supporters

I have read your notes and commend you for their thoroughness and sensitivity as well as for helpfulness…
Many thanks for outlining where [my brother] should and might be going in the future.
It is invaluable assistance.
Email feedback from a woman assisting her brother to prepare for the NDIS

Using your NDIS funding to come to CRU Training

A cru staff member is presenting to a group of people in a room with a projector running in the background.

People have been able to use their NDIS plan and funding to work one-on-one with our consultants and to attend CRU events. As you set your goals and prepare for plan review, you might like to consider your need for ongoing capacity building and request this in your plan.

We have created this comprehensive flyer, using your NDIS Plan & Funding at CRU (PDF), and you are welcome to contact us if you have further questions.

Consultancies for Organisations

Through our consultancy services we engage with people and organisations on questions of values and vision, and provide analysis to assist disability-related organisations to shape and deliver helpful and relevant services, products and communications.

Supporting Organisational Change and Service Design

CRU can support services to adapt to new models of support under the NDIS and beyond, provide evaluations or reviews, or assist organisations through helpful conversations with our skilled consultants.

CRU can equip organisations through the delivery of tailored training and staff development. From investment in key personnel to large-scale training, CRU is equipped to design specific programs to influence the change process.

Resource Development and Website Consultancies

Two ladies smiling surrounded by CRU resourses

We specialise in creating values-based educative resources designed to inspire and resource change. A key part of this is ensuring that the content and messaging is relevant, inclusive and accessible.

Combining technical skills with extensive knowledge of contemporary disability practice, CRU is uniquely placed to assist you to create print publications, videos, organisational materials and websites that are for, or about people with disability.

UnitingCare had services that needed a significant redesign and a staff team in need of clarity about their role in people's lives.
We decided we would re-train the 700 staff who worked for us. CRU was fantastic at helping us design the face-to-face component that would complement our learning and development framework.
CRU were professional, approachable and flexible – they took time to listen to us carefully.
Graham Hambleton, Manager of the Disability Leadership Unit, UnitingCare Queensland


Introduction to Facilitation Course

CRU’s Facilitation Course is designed to develop the skills and confidence needed to facilitate groups that support and benefit people with disabilities.

Run over three workdays, this course spans two months and provides the opportunity for participants to implement what they have learnt in an action learning framework.

Comprehensive teaching about foundational principles is provided to assist with facilitating groups of all types where skilled facilitation can assist people to achieve their goals.

Price on application

Training for Leaders

People in a training room with a girl in the foreground in a wheelchair smiling looking at the cameraClick here to download the workshop flyer (PDF)

A short course designed for team leaders, coordinators and managers. Participants receive practical training in how to utilise the framework of the Five Valued Accomplishments (John O’Brien) to ensure their teams are effectively supporting people with disability.

This is coupled with a focus on how to lead, mentor and coach others to deliver quality support and drive ongoing positive change in the lives of the people with disability they serve.

Two Day Leaders Course

Price on application

Deep Quality through Optimal Individual Service Design (OISD)

A man standing at a lectern speaking into a microphone Developed by internationally renowned disability consultant Dr Michael Kendrick, this comprehensive training program enhances quality in the design and delivery of individualised, person-centred services to people with disability.

The combination of theory with hands-on practicum work in small groups allows for deeper learning to be achieved when immersed in the 10-day course.

As this course length and depth also equates to higher costs; our capacity to offer this transformative course has often only been possible through partnerships with organisations.

Speak to us about partnering with CRU to ensure this highly regarded and in-depth course continues to equip leaders in the disability sector in Queensland.

Price on application

[The most valuable part of the course was] learning from real-life experiences and stories.

Combined with theory/models about how different people with a disability experience the same community that I live in.

Gaining an understanding that optimal doesn't mean expensive and being able to have the confidence to share my knowledge with others.

Feedback from an OISD participant

Additional information

Detailed flyers are available for each product or service. Contact CRU to arrange your training, or to discuss other services that we may be able to offer.

Cancellation and Termination Policy 

CRU’s general cancellation policy is available by clicking here. A contract will be negotiated for tailored workshops and consultancies and this will include specific termination clauses.

Fee Structure

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