He’s confident, he’s happy and he’s part of the class.  Building relationships for successful inclusion.

We have produced this 25 minute video because when a student’s behaviour is catching everyone’s attention, school inclusion can become very fragile. It is distressing for everyone, and unhelpful patterns can get established, including the student becoming isolated, stigmatized, punished and excluded. We are sharing this story because we believe that every child can thrive in an inclusive classroom with the right supports.

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CRU and CYDA Disability Royal Commission workshop – towards transformation in inclusive education

This event was filmed by Community Resource Unit Ltd. (CRU) at a joint event held with Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA) at Common Ground on the 18th February 2020.

This event  discussed the Disability Royal Commission (DRC), its interest in education of children with disability and how people can share their stories with the Royal Commission.

CYDA has created a workbook to assist families as they prepare submissions around education.  Download the workbook here (MS Word). 

There are additional links to useful websites in the descriptions of each video.

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New Opportunities: Wisdom from the NDIS trial sites

These videos are from footage taken our our “New Opportunities for a Good Life: Experiences from NDIS Trial Sites” events.  These one day forums, held in Toowoomba, Brisbane, Rockhampton and Hervey Bay showcased stories by and about people with disabilities and their families who have been involved in various NDIS trial sites from across Australia.

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Aoife O’Toole: Agency Transformation

The ‘Agency Transformation’ events held throughout October were designed to assist managers and other key decision makers to think through the core requirements for authentic service transformation so that services would be individually tailored and designed to assist people with a disability to live better lives.

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