CRU and CYDA Disability Royal Commission workshop – towards transformation in inclusive education

This event was filmed by Community Resource Unit Ltd. (CRU) at a joint event held with Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA) at Common Ground on the 18th February 2020.

This event  discussed the Disability Royal Commission (DRC), its interest in education of children with disability and how people can share their stories with the Royal Commission.

CYDA has created a workbook to assist families as they prepare submissions around education.  Download the workbook here (MS Word). 

There are additional links to useful websites in the descriptions of each video.

1. Lisa Introduction

2. Mary - CYDA introduction

3. Mary - DRC and inclusive education

4. Mary - DRC terms of reference and the UNCRPD

5. Mary - CYDA survey results: experiences of education

6. Maeve - The work of the commission so far

7. Maeve - Ways of making submissions

8. Maeve - Maeve - Counselling and redress

9. Lisa - Closing Remarks