The Early Years Fact sheet

Starting school is a big step for every child and their family. When your child has a disability, it can feel even bigger. It is good to know that in Queensland, every student is entitled to attend their local state school.

It is also reassuring that 50 years of research has found that mainstream education settings provide positive academic and social outcomes for all learners, along with better long-term outcomes for employment, independence and social belonging for learners with disability.

Families may choose to enroll their children with disability into their local school because they are guided by a vision for their child to grow up as any child would, following the typical life path that leads from school to life in their community.

This fact sheet is designed to share information and ideas that have helped other Queensland families when their child with disability is transitioning into Prep, to help support your choice and your vision for inclusive education.

What is Inclusive Education? Inclusive education is about everyone learning and growing up together – in all our diversity.

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