CRUcial Conversations Podcast

CRUcial Conversations Podcast

Two clay figures talking with the words above crucial conversations Resource Unit has a long history of curating stories of meaningful and positive change for people with disabilities and their families. To date this has been via written articles, books, conference presentations and videos.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new podcast series:

CRUcial Conversations:  Five stories of grassroots leadership and change in the disability community in Queensland.

The first episode is an introductory discussion where Matt Stone and our CEO Margaret Rodgers reflect on the messages in these very personal stories, what people can expect from this new resource on Change and Leadership and explain why CRU has made the podcasts in this way. Matt is the series’ host. He has had a long association with CRU including ten years on the Board.

The five personal stories will  be released weekly starting on the 7th of June.

The first story features Josey McMahon and her twin sister Cathy.  The four episodes that follow feature the stories of Margaret and Jeremy WardAnne CrossKevin Cocks and Leanne Burke.  We are very grateful that these people were prepared to share their very personal stories and to submit to having their decades of experience distilled into just a 30 minute podcast!

The seventh and final podcast is a reflection on the series by two other local leaders, Professor Lesley Chenoweth and Karin Swift in discussion with dual Walkley Award winning journalist, Nance Haxton. We greatly appreciate the contribution of Lesley, Karin, Nance and Matt to the development of these opening and closing sessions.

These podcasts were funded by the Anne Cross Leadership Initiative, which was established in 2017 to honour the contribution of Anne Cross to Uniting Care Queensland during her years as the Chief Executive officer.  This partnership between Uniting Care and CRU aims to contribute to the development of strong, principled leadership amongst people with disability and families throughout Queensland.   Many of you will know Anne as the founding Director and long-time supporter of CRU.

We would like to thank Hugh Rose-Miller from CRU and Hamish Sewell of The Story Project for their work in carefully taking these five stories and turning them into the final podcasts.

So how do you find them?

  • Website: We have created a page on our website which will include links to each episode, and further information about the speakers. This page can be found by clicking here.
  • Podcast players: The podcast can also be heard on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and wherever good podcasts are found.

If you are not familiar with podcasts, here are some links to other websites with instructions that you may  find helpful to get you started:

Please support us by sharing this series with your friends, families, colleagues, neighbours and anyone else you think would appreciate these well-crafted stories of grass roots change and leadership.