Lights! Camera! Autism! 2


Lights Camera Action 2

by Kate McGinnity, Sharon Hammer and Lisa Ladson (2013)

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Using video technology to support new behaviour. DVD supplement included.

This book addresses the “how” around using ‘video modeling’ to assist people with Austism with learning.  The authors define video technology broadly, to include iPads and apps, Smartboards, handheld electronic devices, power point, etc.

Many people seemed to be using video technology to support teaching skills, however the authors went beyond that into areas that enhance people’s lives and promote competence, such as creating personal histories, supporting neurological glitches/brain freeze, creating resumes for adults.

This book comes from a place of respect for individuals on the autism spectrum and whenever possible has been written with them to understand and collaborate around the challenges of their autism.


Lights! Camera! Autism! 2 will help educators and parents alike, and support an environment that is proactive and based on each individual’s strengths and needs. The solutions are proven to be successful. I couldn’t wait to go back to my district and share the book with staff and parents.”—Brian Johnson, Student Services Director, Columbus School District, Columbus, Wisconsin.

There is something powerful that happens when the brain gets to watch the body doing something right. The learning sinks in. New behavior sets up with speed. McGinnity, Hammer and Ladson provide concrete examples for helping people ‘see’ better ways to behave by showing us concretely how to improve our instruction.”—David Pitonyak, Ph.D., consultant for people with challenging behaviors and the needs of their friends, family and caregivers (

These videos offer an innovative way of training people with special needs to encounter new situations. One of the many challenges people with autism and other disabilities face is how to encounter the ‘unknown’ and generalize social rules across situations. Video is a great platform to help a person understand what a new environment will be like, whether it be a new school, a camping trailer, or a playroom.”—Stephen Hinkle, national speaker and disability rights advocate.

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