Privacy Policy

CRU is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information which we collect, hold and administer.

CRU gathers and keeps information about individuals and groups for four purposes:

  • To develop and maintain relationships with individuals and groups, as part of the mission of grass-roots change
  • To advertise events and publications
  • To keep registers of those attending CRU events
  • In some instances, CRU gathers, but does not keep for the long term, the contact details of people who are part of a particular project or piece of work.

The most private information kept by CRU is:

  • Contact details of members, that include home contact information
  • Contact details of non members who choose to give CRU their home contact information
  • Support needs of individuals who attend events
  • Credit card details.

This personal information will not be shared outside of CRU. Credit card details will be destroyed as soon as the transaction is complete.

Protection against inappropriate dissemination of information shall be through

  • Confidentiality agreements with any staff, volunteers or visitors
  • Secure shredding bin: information is taken off site in a locked bin and shredded
  • In-house shredding of highly sensitive information.

Protection against inappropriate access to information shall be through the following means:

  • All computers are password protected
  • Databases are password protected
  • Visitors use of computers is restricted, with no access to the CRU electronic filing system
  • Electronic material is encrypted where necessary.

CRU is compliant with the National Privacy Principles incorporated into the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and the Queensland Information Privacy Act 2009.