CRUcial Times 9: Understanding many aspects of community life

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of "Understanding many aspects of community life"

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This edition contains the following articles:


Anne Cross

CRU Presidents Report

Mike Duggan

A year in France: some reflections and learning

In this leading article, Kathryn Treston shares some helpful reflections about vulnerability, community, and relationship building, based on recent travel experiences.

What keeps a person safe?

Sarah Nolan

Adrian's Story

Helen Chapman, a parent, and Kerri Romano, a service-provider, tell us some of Adrian’s story as he reaches an important transition time in the life of a young adult who is moving from school to employment. New social roles have changed Adrian’s perceptions of himself and the perceptions of others around him. 

Life is more exciting when you have a voice

Luke Topfer, now aged nineteen, tells us about the impact of gaining the means of communication. 

To the next horizon and the one after that

Joan Hailstone

Dreams & Aspirations

Helen Williams

A conversation

with Tricia and Patti Dietz

Finding the right support worker

Leanne Burke

Real Life

Rachel Johnson & Regina Parley

Recommended Resources

Pam Collins