CRUcial Times 6: The Natural Authority of Families

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of "The Natural Authority of Families"

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This edition contains the following articles:

Editorial: The re-emergence of hope. It's not too late!

Beverley Funnell

CRU Presidents Report

Mike Duggan

What did it take?

Catherine Raju looks at the question:  What does it take for the family of a child with profound and multiple disabilities to feel able to continue to care for their son or daughter at home? This is a complex question which touches on unquantifiable variables such as an individual’s personal belief system, a family’s network of support, the differing abilities of people to deal with shock and grief as well as the coping abilities of people in general, and the nature of a relationship between husband and wife. 

The Natural Authority of Families

A standalone copy of this very popular article can be downloaded here.

Michael Kendrick is well known internationally for his work on leadership, quality, advocacy, safeguards and the promotion of community living for people with a disability. He has made a significant contribution to the field as an educator, consultant, and advocate for over 35 years. Dr Kendrick works regularly in Australia and has a long history of collaboration with CRU.

His book, “Letting in the Light”, was published by CRU in 2009.

Could co-ordination become control?

Judy Brown

Reflection on training: Quality Explorations with Michael Kendrick

John Homan

Reflection on training: Quality Explorations with Michael Kendrick

Caroline Yeomans