CRUcial Times 40: Home

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of “Home”.

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This edition contains the following articles:

Guest Editorial

Creating homes: An exploration of the efforts and commitment to create individual lives, not just bricks and mortar

Karin Swift

From the president

What makes home 'home'

Mike Duggan

My Life, My Home, My Solution

Madonna Nicoll draws on her experiences of living in four different arrangements in her pursuit of a lifestyle that is authentic for her. Her experiences have given her insight into how different circumstances can either impede or facilitate a person's lifestyle, based on their needs, likes and desires. In this contribution, Madonna shares some of these insights about how she has created a life by influencing support arrangements according to her own expectations.

Thoughts About Home

Peter Millier is an independent consultant and Senior Trainer in Social Role Valorisation, who is based in Adelaide. In this article, Peter reflects on the places which people with a disability call home, especially group living arrangements that are often imposed, without paying attention to those aspects of ‘home’ which we all recognise and value.

My own home

Melissa Noble supports Sue Austin to live in her own home. In this article they discuss the enrichment, wellness and joy that Sue gets from living in her own home.

A Life With No Comparison

Jude Lang lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband, and has been key in helping son Indigo to get a home of his own and a life that is rich with possibilities.

Segregation and Congregation and the Gaining Of A Real Home

Dr Bob Jackson is a well-respected consultant from Perth (WA) who draws on 30 years experience in human services and education in writing this article, which critiques the limits of group homes.

At Least The Barbed Wire Has Gone Now

Bob Lee lives and works on the Sunshine Coast. In this article, he draws on his extensive experience in the lives of people with disabilities as a service worker originally and as the Coordinator for the local Citizen Advocacy Program in more recent times.

How Genuinely Supportive Persons, Agencies And Systems Can Enable People To Have Real Homes Of Their Own

Michael Kendrick is an international consultant, specializing in values-based leadership and social change in the disability and aged areas. The following analysis provides critique and insights that are relevant to those who seek to improve the service and system responses to the needs of people with disabilities.

Helping Create Home: Working in the midst of relationships

Craig Brown works for a small foundation in WA that provides individual accommodation options to people with disabilities. Craig assists John, a 37-year-old man with an intellectual disability who lives in his own home. His parents have been instrumental in supporting him to gain funding for this to occur. The article acknowledges and works through the tensions that can exist between the interests of the family, the individual and the service.

Providing Housing That Becomes Home

Susan Austin has worked in the community sector for over 20 years and is currently working for a Community Housing organisation on the Sunshine Coast. She has worked in a range of areas including working with survivors of Domestic Violence, people experiencing Mental Health issues/Severe Emotional Disturbance and Community Housing. Susan has had many experiences to support the belief that a person-centred approach, where the individual is primarily involved with planning for their future, has the most successful outcomes.

Investing In Community, So That Home is possible for all

Richard Warner works at Community Living Association, assisting young people with intellectual disability who are at risk. Richard has recently returned there after living in the Brisbane l’Arche community. He draws on his experiences in the lives of people with disabilities and with ordinary and intentional communities.

If Only Our Service System Had These Qualities: Seven Strategies Likely to help People Who Have a Disability To Have ‘A Home’

This paper describes those features that are considered by a coalition of leading agencies and individuals across Australia, to be essential if people with disabilities are to get real homes of their own.

It is adapted from ‘Joint Submission on the Proposed Disability Supported Accommodation Program’ to Department Families and Community Services, Aboriginal and Islander Affairs, 2007.

Contributors:  Community Connection Inc, Townsville; Community Living Program, Adelaide; Community Resource Unit Inc, Brisbane; Dr Lorna Hallahan, Adelaide; Homes West Association Inc, Brisbane;  Include Pty Ltd, Perth; Independent Advocacy SA Inc., Adelaide; Institute for Family Advocacy, Sydney; Julia Farr Association Inc, Adelaide; Mamre Association Inc, Brisbane; Personalised Lifestyle Assistance Project, Melbourne; Queensland Advocacy Inc., Brisbane; Queensland Parents for People with a Disability Inc, Brisbane; Sherwin & Associates, Brisbane; Speaking Up for You, Brisbane; Uniting Care Community Options, Melbourne.