CRUcial Times 37: Sustaining and Sustainability

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of “Sustaining and Sustainability

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This edition contains the following articles:

Editorial:  The sustainability of a good idea

Jane Sherwin

From the president

Mike Duggan

A Sustainable Community For My Son

Sally Richards is a teacher, writer and advocate and represents families on various government and non-government reference groups. In this article Sally describes the key elements of a family-governed structure whcih she and two other families have set up to support their sons to live a good life in the community.

The Role Of Love In A Sustainable World

Erik Leipodt considers the pivotal role of love in shaping a sustainable, interdependent life. Erik is involved in a Citizen Advocacy program in Western Australia, is an Adjunct Researcher at Edith Cowan University and is a senior sessional tribunal member in the WA guardianship jurisdiction.

Some Reasons Why Spending More Money Does Not Inexorably Improve Service Quality And Sustainability

Michael Kendrick has over 25 years of experience in promoting community living for people with disabilities and is a regular visitor to Australia. In this contribution Michael offers alternative ways to safeguard service quality and sustainability and questions if more money is the answer.

Sustaining The Vital Essence Of A Family-Governed Service

Elsie Butler describes the challenges in maintaining the original passion which drives her to find ways to encourage and inspire others. Elsie is a founding member of a small family-governed support service.

Sustainability And Viability

Noel Preston AM brings a spiritual perspective to questions of both personal and global sustainability. Noel is currently Adjunct Professor in Applied Ethics at Griffith University and was the founding Director of the Queensland Centre For Social Justice