CRUcial Times 29: Sustaining Hope

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of  "Sustaining Hope"

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This edition contains the following articles:


Jane Sherwin

From the President

Mike Duggan

Holding on to the Ordinary

Glenys Mann is a mother and long term member of CRU and QPPD. She has a background and an interest in teaching. Through her recent work with the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland, Glenys has been supporting schools that are including students with Down syndrome. In this article Glenys reflects on what it has taken to achieve an ordinary life for her son, Jack.

Not Waiting – Creating

Margaret Rodgers has a long involvement in the lives of people with disabilities and their families. In this article Margaret draws on her current work with Mamre Association’s ‘Building Informal Networks’ project. The project emerged in response to separate requests for assistance from five men and their families. These young men wanted to get on with their lives; move out of home, and make friends. Mamre is committed to working slowly and individually to explore the possibilities

Finding Hope through a Meaningful Life

Connie Young is a resident of Mackay with many roles, including wife, mother of eight children, member of the first Disability Council of Queensland, member of the Guardianship and Administration Tribunal and being active for over twenty years in local disability organisations and issues. Here Connie shares with us the story of her daughter, Eileen, and their quest for a rich and fulfilling life.

Sharing Riches

Malcolm Hunt is founder and co-ordinator of the Co-Listening Network, a compassionate listening and community connection organisation. Malcolm believes that ordinary people can be the catalysts for great change through deep listening. In this article Malcolm suggests that it is in recognising and sharing people’s strengths, including our own, that we find hope.

Self-Sustaining Activism

Jill Jordan. One of the most important issues in pursuing social change, no matter in what field, is how to sustain the work we do, and how we keep hope in the face of what might seem like insurmountable hurdles. Maleny resident and community activist Jill Jordan talks about some of the challenges she has faced in being a long-term change agent, and reveals how she sustains herself in the face of ongoing challenges.

On Being Brave & Bold when Neither Comes Naturally

Beverley Funnell works within the Queensland Office of the Public Advocate, with a focus on improving laws, structures, policies, service practices and attitudes that have an impact on adults with a decision making disability. Beverley has been actively involved in reform processes in both Wales and Australia since the 1980s. Here Beverley reminds us all of some of the human qualities needed for social change efforts.

Falling into Love

Christopher Brown taught social work for over 25 years and now combines the part-time teaching of companioning and counselling, with the journey with people through their deeper life issues. Christopher also spends time at Stillpoint, a centre for personal and spiritual growth in Toowong, where the focus is on assisting people to find their still point in the midst of a turning world. Here, Christopher reflects on what it takes to maintain an open heart for others.