CRUcial Times 27: The best use of money – can it sometimes get in the way?

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of "The best use of money - can it sometimes get in the way?"

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This edition contains the following articles:


Jane Sherwin

From the President

Mike Duggan

The importance of starting with the person rather than the money

Deb Rouget is the coordinator of Person by Person, a small family governed service in Melbourne that aims to assist adults who have a disability to pursue their aspirations and abilities in the community and develop meaningful relationships with other community members. Person by Person is an alternative to standardised, segregated, institutionalised responses to people’s needs. Deb focuses on the creation and provision of innovative services by starting with the person.

Strengthening the capacity of workers

Lesley Gissane works with Access Incorporated, supporting adults who have an intellectual disability who have had limited family and community experiences due to institutionalization. In this article Lesley addresses those qualities, in addition to money, that are needed to create good support.

Minding the dollars and losing the sense

Jim Ife is Haruhisa Handa Professor of Human Rights Education and Head of the Centre for Human Rights Education at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. His research, teaching interests and community activities have been community development and human rights. In this article, Jim examines the way in which the market, and economic activity in general, have been allowed to operate freely in a social and moral vacuum.

When economic and ethics meet

Christopher Newell AM is a consultant ethicist in private practice and a senior lecturer in medical ethics, University of Tasmania. He is also a person with disability. Christopher believes that our current problems are perpetuated by the allocation of money solely within disability budgets. Such practices ensure that disability remains an area of “special needs” rather than the core concern of all government departments and society in general.

Are the dollars all we need? Why funding can sometimes get in the way

Neil Barringham endeavours to support a spirit of neighbourliness in his locality. Some of his best learning has been through being with and working with local people who live with a range of vulnerabilities and challenges. Neil is a community worker. He currently works at A Place to Belong, facilitating community connections in mental health. He also works with The Community Praxis Cooperative. Neil reflects on what it takes, aside from money, to build community.

'It will be life Jim, but not as we know it'.  The power and place of innovation in services

Ann Greer explores how positive change is more likely when there are opportunities for innovation.  In this article she highlights key elements for true innovation. Ann draws on her experiences as a parent in North Queensland, and as a worker and advocate for people with significant disabilities.