CRUcial Times 20: “Quality” in Human Services

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of "“Quality” in Human Services"

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This edition contains the following articles:


Jane Sherwin

From the President

Mike Duggan

Growing up in your own community

Bev Budden who is a co-ordinator in the Moving Ahead Program based in Atherton, describes the journey made by a young man from school pupil to young adult, and provides insights into the cultural sensitivities that are needed when working within an indigenous culture and community.

Hopes and High expectations

Anne Archdeacon illustrates the importance that is played by hope and high expectations when creating a vision of a good life. Anne describes the vision that has become a forceful motivator as her son becomes a young adult.

Opening Doors and Sharing Worlds

Sandra Kalms tells a story that captures some of the rewards of friendship motivated by a willingness to share lives. From seemingly small actions, surprising friendships can develop.

Managerialism: when economic efficiency is more important than human need

Through insights that come from their roles as Commonwealth employees and their current research studies, Lynda Shevellar and Robert Hogg describe the impact of government policy and practice on community organisations.

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