CRUcial Times 19: Community and the place of human services within community

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of "Community and the place of human services within community"

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This edition contains the following articles:


Jane Sherwin

CRU Presidents Report

Mike Duggan

A conversation with Peter

This article by Pam Collins shows how the community is likely to be immensely depleted unless it is able to enjoy the full participation of all its members. Pam is the editor of CRUcial Times.

Navigating for a community of relationships

We asked Ingrid Burkett the question: How does a service work with and in a community?  What follows is a discussion about a journey that is full of questioning and self-reflection. Some helpful ‘signposts’ are suggested for those who wish to enhance the life of their community. Ingrid Burkett lectures in Community Development at University of Queensland.

The mixed reality of community life

Richard Warner shares some insights and learnings from his relationships and work in the local community. Richard is presently working with CRU to coordinate a gathering of young adults from across Queensland who want to help create communities that are more humane and inclusive.

Management approaches and the quality of services

In this article Keith Tully challenges the managerial model that dominates in human services systems and briefly explores an alternative, looking particularly at the relationship between managers and employees. Keith has been both a worker and a manager in human service organisations and lectured in Human Service Management at QUT for many years.

Ethical leadership - when management isn't enough

This article is an excerpt from a recent paper by Beverley Funnell and is based on a conviction that competent human service management recognises a responsibility for leadership and for understanding ethical issues. Beverley is a CRU Consultant who works to assist services to be very clear about what they are doing and why.