CRUcial Times 16: Making community a living reality

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of "Making community a living reality"

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This edition contains the following articles:

Making community a living reality

Anne Cross

CRU Presidents Report

Mike Duggan

Full integration - myth or reality?

Graham Schlecht reflects on community living and identifies some of the challenges that the field still needs to face. Graham recently retired from the Commonwealth Public Service after 25 years, and has had a long association with the disability field, having worked on the Steering Committee of the Handicapped Programs Review and as Director of the Commonwealth Disability Services Program in Queensland since 1988.

Bob and Michael

Bob Lee recently spent time with a friend called Michael, asking him about the reality of community living, and he also made some reflections of his own about friendship.

Two men and one family - five stories

The following five stories tell how an ordinary family became intimately involved with two men who had a vision for better lives. In helping them to realise their dreams, the family developed a relationship with each of the men that has deeply enriched their own lives. Paul and Warren have recently moved into their own housing units in the New Farm community.

Gathering the wisdom - book review 1

The CRU publication,“Gathering the Wisdom” (this link is to an article from the publication) was launched in mid October and Veronica Brady, literary critic and social activist, was the guest speaker at this important event. Here is Veronica’s tribute to the book and its writers.

Gathering the wisdom - book review 2

Some other comments and recommendations have been written by two people from the field who were asked to review the book.  Peter Dimity lectures at the School of Special Education and Disability Studies at Flinders University.

Gathering the wisdom - book review 3

Barrie O'Connor is the Director, Institute of Disability Studies at Deakin University and former lecturer in disability studies at QUT.