CRUcial Times 12: The stresses and benefits of working in smaller agencies

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of  "The stresses and benefits of working in smaller agencies"

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This edition contains the following articles:


Pam Collins

Under what circumstances might small agencies last?

Ross Womersley was asked this significant question and he suggests some important factors. Ross is the Manager of the Community Living Program in South Australia.

CRU Presidents Report

Mike Duggan

Some questions about quality

It is generally agreed that monitoring and evaluation are important safeguards. Anne Cross identifies some important questions that are fundamental to any examination of what is meant by "quality".

Creating a personalised, local service

Beverley Funnell introduces some inspiring families with whom she is presently working.

Craig's family

Anne Roveta

10 years of CRU - reflections

The following writers, who have strong connections to CRU, were asked to reflect on ten years of CRU’s presence in Queensland

Lesley Chenoweth

Carol Holt

Catherine Raju

Rae Litzow

Graham Schlecht

Marion Deveney

Elsie Burke

Pam Watson

Reflections on working in small agencies

Jude Hose

Kaye Cumming

Mark Chesterfield

Mark Wellington

Karna's Story

During the recent evaluation of a small service in North Queensland CRU identified how the agency had responded to a family in the local community. The story is told here by Karna's mother, Manja Larsen of Atherton Tableland. Manja believes that the effectiveness of the service lies partly in the fact that the committee is mainly comprised of parents, who are very clear about what is needed.