CRUcial Times 10: Reflections on 11 day workshop with Wolf Wolfensberger

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of "Reflections on 11 day workshop: Moral and Conceptual Foundations of Human Services with Special Perspectives on Contemporary Realities. Wolf Wolfensberger. Griffith University"

Download CRUcial Times 10 - Nov. 1997 (PDF)

This edition contains the following articles:


Anne Cross

CRU Presidents Report

Mike Duggan

Influence and change

Ros Cawte relates how the course influenced her and how she, in turn, has been able to influence others.

The search for meaning

In this article about human suffering Yvonne Donnan’s use of direct quotes from Wolfensberger gives readers a sense of the man and his message.


Mary Rohde tells how the course has impacted on her own work with people who have intellectual disabilities.


Rainer Parsons

The Power of One

This story by Joyleen Thomas demonstrates that while we may not be able to change empires, the power of one person’s love can make a vast difference in the life of a vulnerable person. 

Meeting important needs first

From rural Queensland Jeanelle Horn tells of the clarity which the course has brought to some important aspects of her work.

Empires and Communalities

Anthony Gwyther contrasts empires and communalities and identifies a modern global empire.

A cheerful pessimist

Margaret Schroder relates how two different systems are impacting on her life and how the course has given her greater insight into each of them.

Reflections from the course presenters

In this article, Wolf Wolfensberger & Susan Thomas tell us about their experience as the course creators and presenters.