CRUcial Times 56: Creating Homes – One Person at a Time

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of "Creating Homes: One Person at a Time".

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This edition contains the following articles:


Creating Homes: One Person at a Time

Margaret Rodgers



Sherryn West

Sharing Lives

Patricia Fratangelo was the Executive Director of Onondaga Community Living in Syracuse, New York until her retirement in 2016. She had worked in the field of developmental disabilities for decades, beginning as a direct care worker. Her book One Person at a Time: How one agency changed from group to individualised services for people with disabilities was written with Marjorie Olney and Sue Lehr in 2001. Patricia has written previously for CRUcial Times in 2004 on ‘Listening Differently’.

This article was first published in TASH Connections, vol.32, Issue 9/10, September/October (2006), Pages 7 to 8.

How Jo Moved Out

Sue Boyce is a former Queensland senator and journalist. She’s currently Chair of her family’s company, Everhard Industries. She has three adult children and five extremely gorgeous granddaughters. Her younger daughter, Joanna, has Down syndrome. Jo and Sue are still working on what self-managing under the NDIS actually looks like.

A Home of My Own

Cameron Skinner lives in Warragul, Victoria. He is a receptionist for the Jeremiah Business Group, lives in his own home and believes in the importance of giving back to community through volunteering and sharing.

Deb Rouget has been involved in the lives of people with a disability and families for nearly 30 years.

She has been the Chief Executive Officer of Belonging Matters since its inception in 2003. Belonging Matters is an education, capacity building and advisory service in Melbourne focused on assisting individuals with disabilities and their families to imagine and pursue lifestyles that are authentically enriched with community and belonging.

This article was first published in Parity, vol.31 / October (2018), pages 61-63.

Home Soon: Successfully transitioning from unsuitable accommodation to a better life

Bronwyn Moloney started work in the late 70s at an institution which had just changed from a medical model to a residential model. Bronwyn has been fortunate to be involved in creating different living options for people with disabilities. She has particularly worked with people leaving institutions to return to the community, and families wanting something other than congregate care for their adult children with disability, knowing that group homes are not the answer.

The Shouted Goodbye (excerpts)

Jeremy Ward is a parent whose eldest daughter, Mena, lived with disability and required support to live in her own home, which she did successfully for over 10 years. Jeremy’s older sister also lived with a significant disability all her life. He has many years experience in disability advocacy, in the law as it relates to people with disabilities, and in assisting families to plan for the future. The Shouted Goodbye, Jeremy’s account of Mena’s life, was published in 2015.

In this edited excerpt from his book, we see how Mena’s parents, Jeremy and Margaret, supported her to live in her own home.

Individual Living Options

Bronia Holyoak is the founder and CEO of Valued Lives Foundation, a peer-led organisation in WA. Bronia has a career spanning 30 years in human services, almost half of which was spent in the Local Area Co-ordination (LAC) Program. Through her work, Bronia has gained extensive knowledge and experience in person-centred planning, exploration, and service design for Individual Living Options (ILO). Having been on a lifelong journey with her sister who lived with a disability, Bronia has a passion for individual family leadership, a personal understanding of the value of peer support and is committed to increasing society’s support for the valued participation of all people.