CRUcial Times 48: The Importance and Power of Planning

This edition of CRUcial Times focuses on the theme of "The Importance and Power of Planning".

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This edition contains the following articles:


Margaret Rodgers

From the president

Sharon Daley

From the outgoing president

Matt Stone

From Vision to Action through Planning       

Julie van Oosten

Julie van Oosten has been involved in planning for over eight years in a number of roles. She is currently the team leader at Pave the Way, Mamre Association Inc, in Brisbane, Queensland. Pave the Way engage people with disability, their families and friends in planning for the future. They are not involved in service provision, but instead assist with planning, support circle establishment and currently with preparing Queenslanders for the roll out in 2016 of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

In this article Julie reflects why people plan, the benefits of engaging an experienced facilitator and the value of including others in the planning process. Julie highlights the value of remaining grounded in the ordinary and how this thinking is fertile ground for clarity, enrichment and new possibilities.

Steppin' Out - A Journey to Independence 

Kate and Carolyn Alcorn, Glenys Bull

Two years ago Kate Alcorn moved from the family home to a home of her own – just a few minutes’ walk from her work and in the community she grew up in. To help with this, Kate and her mother Carolyn started ‘Kate’s Crew’ - a group of family and friends who meet regularly to help Kate plan for her future, organise her life and live the life she wants to live.

In this article, together with founding circle member Glenys Bull, Kate and Carolyn reflect on what it has taken to bring a group of people together to help start realising Kate’s vision and how this can be safeguarded in to the future.

Planning to Achieve Insurmountable Goals

Josey McMahon

Josey McMahon is a mother of four adult children, step mother to two adult children, social worker and a passionate advocate for the rights of people with disability to have good lives that have meaning and purpose. She is also the twin of Cathy McMahon. From June 1967 to May 2014 Cathy resided in a large institution, isolated from family, friends and community. Through the tenacious efforts of her sister, Cathy is now living in a home of her own with paid and unpaid support around the corner for Josey and is putting her roots down in her local community.

In this article, Josey outlines the relationship between developing a vision and actioning the vision through strong intentional planning to achieve a good life for Cathy. She outlines the importance of holding the vision tight despite the challenges.

Service Planning: Thinking, Talking and Believing what is Possible

Deborah Naughton

Deborah Naughton works for Community Connections in Townsville, Queensland. In her role as the Lifestyle Facilitator, she works with families and individuals on the planning and skill building to assist them to create authentic lives in their community. Deborah entered the Disability Sector around 8 years ago when she moved to Australia. Before that she was working in Germany for the British Military of Defence, Supporting army families to settle and adjust to living in a different country and cultural.

In this article Deborah shares her insights about what is required to ensure a plan created between an individual and the service in their life will be effective in assisting them live the life they aspire to live.