CRUcial Times 46: Change Driven from the Heart

This edition of CRUcial Times is a collection of papers based on presentations at our 25 year forum, held in Brisbane in September 2013.  This edition is on the theme of "Change driven from the heart".

Download CRUcial Times 46 - Feb. 2014 (PDF)

At the heart of our work is the belief that change is critical and possible but that it doesn’t just happen and this message was at the heart of the presentations at the forum to mark the twenty fifth anniversary of CRU.

This edition contains the following articles:


Margaret Rodgers

From the president  

Matt Stone

The Getting of Wisdom, Courage and Hope       

Luke Farrelly is a well-travelled fourteen year old highschool student. Together with his mother, Ann O’Brien, they explored what it has taken to hold a vision of Luke’s life; how they have safeguarded this vision, shared this vision and how, combined with the wisdom of experience, this vision has helped give the family clarity in enigmatic times. During the presentation, with the assistance of his father, Dan, and his teacher’s aide, Darrel, Luke changed the slides using a switch connected to the computer.

Millions of Moments of Living 

Craig Roveta is a local Brisbane artist and poet. Craig has exhibited his work in galleries from New York to Goombungee and many places in between. With his mother, Anne Roveta, they shared their story of Craig’s life and their journey thus far. Anne focused on the main ideas and principles that inspired and sustained her, Craig and their family in their efforts to create the life Craig has now. Through his poetry and art work Craig described some of the difficulties and challenges of his journey as well as the positive aspects of what he describes now as his “wonderful life”.

Leading Change

Leigh Tabrett has worked in education and the arts as a teacher, university administrator, senior public servant and policy advisor to both state and commonwealth governments. Leigh drew on her experience in education and the arts, particularly her contribution to the comprehensive review and renewal of Arts Queensland, to explore the links between leadership and change within organisations and the processes that can assist leaders through change processes.

Innovation as a Possible Element of Agency or Service Transformation

Dr Michael Kendrick is well known internationally for his work on leadership, advocacy, safeguards and the promotion of community living for people with a disability. He lives in the United States but works regularly in Australia. In his presentation Michael discussed the need for innovative thinking and action in achieving good lives for people with disability. Michael cautioned against innovation for its own sake and the highlighted the importance of the values underlying innovation.

Beyond Serviced Lives: Leading in Community Building               

Dr Lorna Hallahan is a senior lecturer in the School of Social and Policy Studies at Flinders University, Adelaide. Lorna, who was involved in the early days of Queensland Advocacy Inc, remains actively involved in the disability sector, most recently on the National Disability Insurance Scheme Advisory Group. In her presentation Lorna explored three fundamental elements of a social movement and concluded with her vision for how the disability movement in Australia can transform our communities by doing what we do best.

A Good Life, an Ordinary Life, a Life like Everyone Else


Shifting from Problems to Possibilities. Working Together for Change 

Anne Cross was the founding director of the Community Resource Unit in 1988 and is currently Chief Executive Officer of Uniting Care Queensland. She has more than thirty years’ experience in the health and community services sector and has extensive experience in developing capacity in non-government community organisations. Drawing lessons from our own experience in the disability sector locally, Anne outlined some of the essential ingredients for taking individual efforts into a movement for change.