New Resources at CRU – Why it Matters

CRU is very please to share new resources titled “Why it Matters“.
These three new booklets are now available on our website via the Why it Matters Resource Page.

Why Advocacy Matters A Guide for Family Advocates: 
A booklet full of practical tips on how to speak up for your friend or family member.

Why Employment Matters A Handbook for Job Seekers:
Designed to help raise expectations that employment is possible and to provide some ways to get started.

Why Succession Planning Matters A Resource for Families to plan for the future:
A booklet to stimulate the necessary conversations and planning for when key people can no longer do what they are now doing.

These three booklets are designed to assist people with disabilities, their families and friends explore and discuss these important topics.
Two of the booklets draw on the work of our friend Jeremy Ward and were created in collaboration with his daughter Rebecca.

The Why it Matters resource page which contains further resources to complement and expand on those three topics.
Some hard copies of these booklets are also available, please get in touch with CRU about how they can be made available to you.

These booklets have been developed thanks to the generosity of the Anne Cross Leadership Initiative, a partnership between CRU and Uniting Care, that was formed to honour the contribution of Anne to Uniting Care QLD during her years as the Chief Executive Officer, and which aims to contribute to strong, principled leadership amongst people with disability and families across Queensland.