Supporting People with Sensory & Movement Differences – with Compassion, Collaboration & Respect

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The manner in which a person handles incoming information is paramount in determining the most successful supports for an optimally independent, rich and full life. How do we get there? Let’s go together!

Join us in this explanation and video demonstration of what occurs for individuals with sensory and movement differences and diversity.

Based on the work of Leary and Donnellan (2012), we’ll use this understanding as a cornerstone for determining learning and behavioral approaches that are COLLABORATIVE and SUCCESSFUL for some of our most complex learners.

Replay of the first webinar now closed

The replay of this webinar is now closed.  You are welcome to register for the next webinar in this series below.  The even is titled Lights! Camera! Autism! and is on the morning of the 9th of June.

The presenters

Kate McGinnity, M.S.

A phot of Kate McGinnity, smiling warmly

Kate is an international presenter and author as well as a nationally recognized consultant/coach and teacher in the field of autism.  She has over 35 years of experience working with individuals with autism and their families.  During her tenure as a teacher, Kate was recognized as the National Teacher of the Year by the Autism Society of America.

She is currently involved in private practice providing training and consultation/coaching to professionals and parents as well as counseling and yoga to individuals on the autism spectrum.  Kate has taught graduate level autism related courses, through a variety of universities.

Kate is the co-author of the following books, all available through CBR Press: “Walk Awhile in My Autism” (2005);  “Lights! Camera! Autism! Using video technology to enhance lives” (2011); and “Lights! Camera! Autism!2 Using video technology to support new behavior (2013).”   She is committed to bringing her passion and compassion to every aspect of her work and life.

Anna Nikolay

A photo of Anna Nikolay, smiling warmly

Anna Nikolay is a special education teacher and Autism consultant in Wisconsin. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018 with degrees in Elementary and Special Education and has taught special education in Wisconsin since then.

Anna was selected early in her career to be a member of an esteemed group of colleagues on a district wide autism support team, co-leading the team after her initial year on it.

Anna develops and presents trainings for staff and families on a variety of autism and other special education related topics. Anna is known for her ability to collaborate with individuals and students who cross her path. In 2019 Anna started her Autism consulting business Nikolay Consulting, LLC to help support and amplify voices of individuals with Autism.

In 2020, Anna started in the Education Policy and K-12 Leadership Master’s program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Useful Resources


These videos were included in the webinar:


There was a number of books mentioned in the webinar.  CRU has the following books for sale in our Online Store.  Click on the images below to find out more.

Another book, which CRU does not stock, is by Judy Endow - Paper Words:  Discovering and Living with My Autism (external link in new tab).

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Lights Camera Autism
Lights Camera Autism 2
Walk Awhile in My Autism