Getting to the Heart of What Matters – Brisbane

About the Workshop:  The role of a support worker is complex and multi-faceted. Paid staff can make a significant contribution to a person’s life – enabling the person to live a rich life and pursue their own unique goals and dreams. What lies at the heart of the role is, however, frequently invisible. When we…


Self Direction for Bigger and Better Lives Brisbane

Presented by Jane Sherwin Thursday 15 June    Brisbane About the Workshop: The relationships between people with disabilities and their families, and the services that have supported them need to be re-thought by all parties in this new environment. Many people are searching for more productive and sustainable ways of working that enable people with…


The NDIS: Getting Informed – Hervey Bay Workers

This workshop provides information relevant to families and people with a disability about the why, when and how of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Queensland, and things they can do now to get ready. This session recognises the important role that service providers and workers have in assisting people to prepare and transition to the new scheme.


Introduction to Facilitation – October to December 2016 Copy

October 6, November 10 & December 8, 2016   About the course: The purpose of this facilitation course is to assist people to intentionally develop the necessary skills and confidence to facilitate groups that support and benefit people with disabilities. We want people to strengthen their networks by learning together and from each other. The…

QPPD Celebratory Dinner

CRU would also like to seek your assistance in spreading the word regarding a celebratory dinner being held on the evening of Monday 22nd August.  This dinner will commemorate the contribution of Qld Parents for People with a Disability (QPPD), an organisation which made a significant contribution to the lives of people with disability in Queensland and which was formally…

CRU Conference Full Program is Now Available

CRU Conference Full Program is Now Available We are delighted to announce that the CRU conference program is now available. If you have not already registered, we would encourage you to REGISTER NOW so you don’t miss out! Ticket Sales Close on Friday 6th May. Claiming a Positive Future: The Power of Possibility has been…

March Conference Update

March Conference Update You are probably now aware of the upcoming CRU Conference ‘Claiming a Positive Future: The power of possibility’ on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st May.  We wanted to let you know that we have just released details of some new presenters. Our EARLY BIRD ticket rate is closing soon on 1st April,…

Good Life Films

These video have been made for our website Bringing the Good Life to Life, designed to help people prepare for the NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Each video shares but a glimpse into these peoples lives as they pursue ordinary lives:  at school, at work, in their own homes, with their friends and family and planning for futures rich with opportunities, relationships and purpose within the communities that know and love them.

All of these stories were created before the NDIS started in Queensland and the people in them have engaged a range of supports – many of which have been unpaid and have grown from opportunities presented from ordinary lives in community.  Opportunities everyone can enjoy when they are seen for their strengths, capabilities and potential.

We wish to thank everyone who participated in these videos.  They were created in collaboration with Peter Hegedus from Soul Vision Films, who also made our 2014 DVD Together in Partnership.

News from CRU – June 2015

2015 is proving to be both busy and exciting for CRU. We thought you might be interested in an update on our various activities. NDIS Participant Readiness Project The first quarter of this year has been a very active time for our NDIS Participant Readiness project.  In the first four months of the project, approximately 700…

Self Direction for Bigger and Better Lives Toowoomba

Presented by Jane Sherwin Monday May 11 2015 Toowoomba    About the Workshop: As we move to the NDIS, the relationships between people with disabilities and their families, and the services that have supported them will need to be re-thought by all parties. In this new environment many people are searching for more productive and…


Janet Klees: Building Lasting Relationships

Janet Klees has been coordinator with the family-governed Deohaeko Support Network for the past 15 years and has been deeply affected by the lives of the people that she has come to know. Janet is the author of two books “We Come Bearing Gifts” and “Our Presence has Roots” that are both for sale in the CRU bookstore.

All of Janet’s work focuses on individually-designed arrangements and she is especially concerned that families are well supported to think through practical, principled ways to ensure that their family members live meaningful, involved and secure lives within their communities.