Our Presence Has Roots

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Our Presence Has Roots: The ongoing story of the Deohaeko Support Network (2005)

by Janet Klees

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Our Presence Has Roots: The ongoing story of the Deohaeko Support Network (2005)

This is the ongoing story of what an active and committed group of ordinary families can achieve for, and with, their adult sons and daughters who have a developmental disability.

This 366-page book is the account of the past eight years of Deohaeko Support Network.  The many stories, examples, and quotations throughout the book ensure that the content remains relevant and interesting to families, service providers, and anyone in the community services field. As well, this book will appeal to all those interested in building thoughtful, welcoming communities and neighbourhoods.

At the heart of this book is the belief that relationships (more than services, programs, or financial resources) will best safeguard the lives of people with disabilities over time. Through stories and analysis of proven strategies, this book speaks directly to family, friends, and community builders of all kinds as it outlines ways to think about, invite, welcome and nourish relationship in the lives of people with disabilities.

Its chapters describe a context from which the opportunity for relationship may thrive, including the importance of place (home, the housing co-operative, the wider community), of holding valued social roles in community, and of being present with other typical citizens with good support.  Building this context becomes the work of people with disabilities and their allies.

Our presence has roots also details the family group’s work and thinking about building supports and safeguards that will ensure good futures for their sons and daughters. A written set of guiding principles, detailed sections on effective coordinator and supporter roles, and an honest accounting of the uncertainties of the future provide readers with much to think about, adapt for their own situation, and build on in other contexts.

by Janet Klees

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