Expanding Ideas, creating change

Our mission is to inspire and encourage individuals and organisations to challenge ideas and practices that limit the lives of people with a disability. In particular we are passionate about, invest in and direct our work towards the following subject areas:

CRU is not involved in direct service provision and we don’t consider ourselves an advocacy organisation. We see it as our role to influence and equip others to lead meaningful and sustainable change in these areas and we do this through 4 main strategies:

  1. We provide information

Sharing stories and examples, ideas and frameworks to people with disability and their networks. Information is shared though conversations, workshops, courses and conferences as well as online and digital resources and publications.

  1. We foster connection

Creating opportunities for people to gather or connect and learn from others. Connections are formed through workshops, events and small groups.

  1. We explore new options

Through a variety of strategic responses and government-funded projects, we seek to invest in and develop work that promotes meaningful and inclusive lives for people with disability and challenges ideas that are not in their interests.  We seek funding for projects that allow us to provide information and foster connection for those who need it most.

  1. We can tailor something for you

We value focused conversations and engaging with you about your own situation. Our consultations and training services are designed to inspire and encourage while providing people with ideas and practical strategies to create change for themselves.

Some people choose to engage CRU on a fee for service basis to develop and deliver additional services that expand or deepen this work as needed.


CRU is a vital supportive resource giving hope and security in the knowledge that information and help is available during uncertain times.

Feedback from CRU Survey, 2019

If you need something that is not listed on our website or you have an idea, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.