Privacy Policy

CRU is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information which we collect, hold and administer.
CRU gathers and keeps information about individuals and groups for four purposes:

  • To develop and maintain relationships with individuals and groups, as part of the mission of grass-roots change;
  • To advertise events and publications;
  • To keep registers of those attending CRU events; and
  • In some instances, CRU gathers, but does not keep for the long term, the contact details of people who are part of a particular project or piece of work.

The most private information kept by CRU is:

  • Contact details of members, that include home contact information;
  • Contact details of non-members who choose to give CRU their home contact information;
  • Support needs of individuals who attend events; and
  • Credit card details.

This personal information will not be shared outside of CRU. Credit card details will be destroyed as soon as the transaction is complete.

Protection against inappropriate dissemination of information shall be through:

  • Confidentiality agreements with any staff, volunteers or visitors;
  • Secure shredding bin: information is taken off site in a locked bin and shredded; and
  • In-house shredding of highly sensitive information.

Protection against inappropriate access to information shall be through the following means:

  • All computers are password protected;
  • Databases are password protected;
  • Visitors use of computers is restricted, with no access to the CRU electronic filing system; and
  • Electronic material is encrypted where necessary.

CRU is compliant with the National Privacy Principles incorporated into the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Queensland Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld).

Cancellation Policy

Late cancellations can result in a considerable loss of income and cost to CRU as we have to commit to venue, catering and travel expenses prior to events.

CRU has created a policy that endeavours to balance the needs of participants with the needs of the organisation.

We acknowledge that there are a number of unexpected circumstances that can make it difficult for people to attend events and we are open to requests for a refund after the RSVP date in exceptional situations.

These are general terms and conditions for CRU events but may vary for particular events, for example those longer than one day. If there is a variation, we will publicise conditions on the flyer and on our website. The RSVP date will be shown on event flyers and on the website.

To qualify for a refund or credit for an outstanding invoice, cancellations must be notified by 5pm on the RSVP date either by emailing or phoning (07) 38442211.


  • No refund will be given for a cancellation made after 5pm on the RSVP date
Period Fee
Before RSVP date Full refund
After 5pm on the RSVP date No refund provided*

*In exceptional circumstances you can apply in writing for a possible refund.


  • If, after booking an event the person is unable to attend, they are welcome to nominate someone else to attend in their place at no additional cost.
  • We appreciate advice of substitutions in writing so a correct name tag will be available at the registration desk and dietary needs are recorded.


Complaints Policy

CRU seeks and welcomes feedback from people who use CRU’s Programs. In addition to the feedback that CRU seeks, some people will wish to give unsolicited feedback. This is likely to be a compliment, concern or complaint.

As a general principle concerns, especially those of a day to day operational nature, should, wherever possible, be solved immediately by the staff involved. Staff will do what they can to correct deficiencies and then report as soon as practical to the CEO.

If the complaint cannot be resolved by the CEO to the satisfaction of the complainant, then it will be referred to the Chairperson.

If the complaint relates to the CEO, then it will be referred directly to the Chairperson.

If satisfactory resolution still cannot be achieved, the complainant will be informed of appropriate external review options that are available.

CRU will:

  • Reply to complainants within 7 days and then respond to the complainant with a report of what has been done to address their complaint within 28 days.
  • Collect and record non-identifying data on concerns and complaints,
  • Use the information to identify underlying causes of issues, correct any problems and improve the quality of the service.

For more information or to submit feedback please contact CRU.