What we offer

Expanding ideas, creating change

Our mission is to inspire and encourage individuals and organisations to challenge ideas and practices that limit the lives of people with a disability. We see it as our role to influence and equip others to lead positive change.

CRU  is a vital supportive resource giving hope and security in the knowledge that information and help is available during uncertain times.

Feedback from a CRU survey, 2019

For over 30 years CRU has been a place for people to collaborate, challenge and inspire each other and we welcome all people who share our aims to link with us either formally or informally.

To create meaningful, positive and sustained change that favors people with disabilities CRU has a number of strategies that help us build a movement for change.

  1. We provide information

    Sharing stories and examples, ideas and frameworks. Information is shared though conversations, workshops, courses and conferences as well as online and digital resources.

  2. We foster connection

    Creating opportunities for people to gather or connect and learn from others.

  3. We grow grassroots leadership

    Investing in values based leadership development to achieve the change we want.

With over thirty years’ experience, CRU remains committed to working with people with disability, their families, friends and those in paid support roles.

CRU is not an advocacy organization but through a variety of targeted projects or strategic responses we challenge ideas that are not in the interests of people with disability.

As funding mechanisms shift and change, we know this investment is essential and we will continue to seek resources or respond on a fee for service basis so that we can inspire, encourage and connect people to create change for themselves.

If you need something that is not listed on our website or you have an idea please don’t hesitate to get in touch.