Towards a Better Life: Exploring SRV in regard to people who are marginalised – Townsville


Towards a Better Life: Exploring Social Role Valorisation (SRV) for people who are marginalised. Townsville

About the Workshop:

SRV helps to explain why people with disability are highly vulnerable to being excluded from everyday life.

While this rich framework explores how people are marginalised, importantly it also offers strategies to address these processes and increase the chances of people with disabilities to belong to, and contribute in our community.

In this interactive workshop the core themes and principles of SRV will be explored through presentations and discussion.


Who should attend?

The messages of SRV apply to all people engaged in the lives of people with disabilities.

This workshop has been very useful to people with disabilities and their families and also support workers and others working in the sector.

On completing this course, you may be interested in deepening your understanding by attending the practicum PASSING, run by Values in Action Association Inc.


About the Presenter:

photo of Jane Sherwin, Presenter

Jane Sherwin is a Qld based consultant who has been involved in the lives of people with disabilities, families and older people since the late 1970s. She is an Accredited Teacher of SRV, having been involved in its teaching, learning and application since the early 1990’s.

Jane is committed to working at a grassroots level towards arrangements whereby vulnerable people experience greater levels of control over their own support arrangements.

Jane will be joined by Guest Presenter, Ricky Esterquest.

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Using Your NDIS Funding at CRU:

If cost is a barrier to attending, please contact CRU to discuss. For people who are self-managing or using a plan manager, it is possible to use NDIS funding at CRU. To help you work out if this event is a reasonable and necessary support that will help you (or your family member) achieve your goals, see the Learning Objectives below. For more information about using NDIS funding at CRU, see our website. As CRU is not a registered NDIS service provider at this stage, people who are Agency managed cannot use NDIS funding to pay fees for CRU events.


Learning Objectives:

The objectives of the workshop are that each participant will:

  1. note the patterns in our society that lead to some groups being devalued
  2. identify negative life experiences that result from the dynamic of social devaluation
  3. explore what is meant by ‘the good things of life’
  4. understand the importance of ‘imagining better lives’ in creating better lives
  5. utilise the principle of ‘use culturally valued ways and means’ as a way of helping people have typical and valued lifestyles
  6. appreciate the links between being in valued roles and people’s experiences of community life
  7. understand the importance of role goals and role communicators
  8. critique a range of visual examples to appreciate the impact of imagery
  9. explore strategies that help people maintain and develop competencies


Cancellation Policy:

To view CRU’s cancellation policy, visit:


Community Resource Unit Ltd.

CRU has a 30 year track record of working across Queensland to help people with a disability take control of their lives and take their place in their community. Contact CRU if you need assistance or are unable to register online, by calling (07) 3844 2211 or email us at

Inclusive Education: Setting the Direction for Success – Townsville – Day 1 of 2



Inclusive Education: Setting the Direction for Success


Friday 2nd August, 2019

9.30 am – 12.30pm

About the Workshop:

Come along to a free introductory workshop for parents of students with disability in state schools to learn about:

  • What an inclusive education looks like
  • How to develop a positive vision to set goals for school and school life
  • Inclusive Education Policies and other supports that help make inclusion possible
  • Communication tips and how to work with your school

Who is CRU?

The Community Resource Unit Ltd (CRU) has a 30 year track record of working throughout Queensland to promote positive change so that people with disabilities can belong to and participate in community life.

Assistance to Attend:

There is a small amount of funding available to assist families who need to travel to attend workshops or who require other support. If you require any assistance to attend or participate in this event, please contact CRU to apply for this assistance.

For more information call CRU on (07) 3844 2211 or email:

Event and Venue Details

Date and Time:

  • Friday 2nd August 2019
  • Please arrive at 9am to sign in, for a 9.30am start. Concludes at 12.30pm.
  • Morning tea is provided

Venue details:

  • The venue is Sports House, 3-9 Redpath Street, North Ward, Townsville


  • Attendance is free, but bookings are essential
  • Morning Tea will be provided

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CRU’s cancellation policy is on our website. Please use the following link:

These workshops are delivered by CRU to assist families of students with disability to be clear, informed, confident and connected so they can work as respected and valued partners in their children’s education.

Proudly supported by the Queensland Government through the Department of Education.

Contact Community Resource Unit Ltd.:

Getting to the Heart of What Matters – The Role of a Support Worker – Townsville

About the Workshop: 

The role of a support worker is complex and multi-faceted. Paid staff can make a significant contribution to a person’s life – enabling the person to live a rich life and pursue their own unique goals and dreams. 

What lies at the heart of the role is, however, frequently invisible. When we fall into the habit of talking about “hours”, and tasks, routines and schedules, it’s easy to be distracted from what really matters about supporting people well.

This full day workshop will be an opportunity for support workers to critically reflect upon the essential purpose of their role, the values that drive “support”, and the sorts of relationships which are core to supporting someone well, particularly in relation to valued roles and community belonging.

Topics Covered will include:

• A good life
• Your role in a person’s life
• Getting to know the person in order to assist them well
• Supporting belonging, contribution and relationships
• What gets in the way of good support?

Download Flyer (pdf) 

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About the presenter:

photo of Suellen Welch

Suellen Welch works with CRU as a consultant. Her work focuses on promoting, strengthening and defending person centred and directed responses. Suellen has previously worked for several small community based organisations in Brisbane in team leader and key worker roles.

She has experience working as a support worker, supervising support workers, as well as engaging support workers to work with her son.

Who Should Attend?
This training is for support workers who are directly assisting an individual with disability to live a good life in community. People self-directing and employing their own workers may want to recommend this training to their support workers.

To view CRU’s cancellation policy, visit: