In order for genuine and positive change to occur it is essential that people are properly resourced with the ideas, frameworks and opportunities to learn. Providing this information is a cornerstone of the work CRU does.

In addition to providing information at workshops, CRU provides information and related resources through our catalogued Resource Collection, our periodical CRUcial Times and through our website and Facebook page. To access our resource collection please contact CRU and ask to speak with our Information Consultant. This is a free service and available to Queensland residents.

Bringing the Good Life to Life

Through funding from the Queensland Government’s NDIS Participant Readiness program we have developed a resource website called Bringing the Good Life to Life.  The 8 pages of this website look at the age old question of ‘What is the Good Life?’ and explores ideas, strategies and some of the thinking that can help bring this to life for a person with disability.

Our Staff

The information, knowledge and connections that the CRU consultants gain in the course of their work is also a resource. CRU staff members are happy to receive calls and emails from people who have questions or are seeking a sounding board for ideas, particularly in the areas of person centred practice, leadership and pursuing good lives for people with disability.