It is our mission to engage a broad range of people in a movement for change so that people with disability will be welcomed and appreciated as they take their place in their communities. Although change can be challenging, there are many opportunities and benefits that can come from change when it is managed well.

CRU is not an advocacy organisation and is not involved in service provision. We do not have the capacity to work closely with people on their individual change efforts but instead we endeavour to resource, encourage and connect people to create change for themselves.

Leadership within the community is an integral part of driving a movement for change and CRU supports the development of leadership by resourcing and supporting people in their own efforts for change. We do this by holding regular events, initiating small gatherings and connecting likeminded people and agencies so they can learn from each other and sometimes collaborate. In 2011, CRU commenced a program dedicated to supporting and developing family leadership in Queensland. This was in recognition of the fact that families have frequently been at the forefront of positive change in the lives of people with disability and that some investment would be required for this to continue.

CRU is committed to the belief that Person Centred Responses offer the most dignified, appropriate and beneficial ways of supporting the needs of people with disability. Given this, a major focus of our work is the promotion, development and safeguarding of person centred responses in Queensland.

We work to support and sustain the person centred responses that already exist. However, as the majority of people with disability receive service from organisations originally developed under group models of support, CRU is also keen to support organisations who wish to effectively transition from these models to person centred models.

One of the unique aspects of CRU is that our constituency is made up of people with disability, family members and workers from the government and non-government sector. CRU is a place for people to collaborate, challenge and inspire each other and we welcome all people who share our aims to link with us either formally or informally.

CRU knows that people working together can provide a more effective, balanced and long-lasting movement for positive change in our communities. More broadly our work in Partnerships combines the efforts of likeminded people in achieving common goals and ensuring that the change that is created can be developed and sustained by many different members of the community.

Another way we support change and leadership is by resourcing people with information. This includes inviting a variety of writers to contribute to our periodical, CRUcial Times, as well as providing access to the catalogued books, journals and articles that make up our Resource Collection.