Getting a Quality Inclusive Education for your Child: Building an Effective Home-School Partnership – Townsville

About the workshop Research clearly shows that inclusive education has strong benefits to students with disability, and access to education in your local school is supported by educational policy and international law. Nevertheless, many families find that pursuing an inclusive education can be challenging. This workshop will help families to be clear about what inclusion…


Attending the Local School – Inclusion that’s Good for Everyone

This workshop will provide the opportunity to learn from an experienced educator and academic about what inclusive education is, and what it is not. It will provide the research evidence about the comparative benefits of inclusive education vs special education. Dr Bob Jackson will also share helpful strategies which allow children with disabilities to be successfully supported within their local school and learn alongside their peers. Bob will give examples of how students with a range of disabilities can access the same curriculum, and participate fully in the life of the school. He will also provide tips for families on advocacy and how to work with the school to strengthen inclusive practices.


Becoming a Better Advocate for your Child’s Inclusion Palmwoods

Inclusive Education Evening Workshop: “Becoming a Better Advocate for your Child’s Inclusion” Wednesday 10 May, Palmwoods  About the workshop Enrolling their child at the local school is something most Australian families take for granted. However, for children who have a disability this may not just happen and getting and maintaining a genuinely inclusive education over the…


All Students Learning Together in Inclusive Classrooms: What does inclusive practice look like?

Light meal from 5:30pm Discussion will commence at 6:15pm until 8:30pm This evening discussion is designed to help parents recognise and work towards responsive and inclusive school and classroom practices. Christa will clarify common educational terms underpinning inclusive classroom practices and describe how these practices can enhance the learning and inclusion of ALL students. These terms…


Good Life Films

These video have been made for our website Bringing the Good Life to Life, designed to help people prepare for the NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme. Each video shares but a glimpse into these peoples lives as they pursue ordinary lives:  at school, at work, in their own homes, with their friends and family and…