Investing in the Future: What One Person Can Do

Over the past 30 years Michael Kendrick has introduced Queenslanders to a range of important concepts related to human services and community. These ideas and frameworks have challenged, positively influenced, and continue to inform how we work with people with disability throughout Queensland. We welcome everyone who is interested in disability leadership development for the future, and people who have benefited from working with and learning from Michael to attend this event.


Evening Discussion for Brothers and Sisters: What will the NDIS mean for me and my family?

This conversation evening will be a chance for brothers and sisters to discuss what the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is likely to mean for their family member. The NDIS is gradually rolling out across Queensland and is a major change for how services are provided. It brings the opportunity for people with disability and those closest to them to have a greater say over their support arrangements. In navigating this new system families will do best when they are well-informed and prepared for these changes. This session will provide a brief update on the NDIS so far and Queensland based brothers and sisters whose family members are already in the scheme will share their experiences and reflections as a basis for discussion.


Becoming a Better Advocate for your Child’s Inclusion Palmwoods

Inclusive Education Evening Workshop: “Becoming a Better Advocate for your Child’s Inclusion” Wednesday 10 May, Palmwoods  About the workshop Enrolling their child at the local school is something most Australian families take for granted. However, for children who have a disability this may not just happen and getting and maintaining a genuinely inclusive education over the…


All Students Learning Together in Inclusive Classrooms: What does inclusive practice look like?

Light meal from 5:30pm Discussion will commence at 6:15pm until 8:30pm This evening discussion is designed to help parents recognise and work towards responsive and inclusive school and classroom practices. Christa will clarify common educational terms underpinning inclusive classroom practices and describe how these practices can enhance the learning and inclusion of ALL students. These terms…


CRU Southbank Dinner

  We invite you to join us for dinner at South Bank to catch up with old friends; meet new ones and hear about how people from different parts of the world are working to improve the lives of people with disability. THE DINNER WILL INCLUDE A SHORT PANEL PRESENTATION ‘The Critical Role of Families…


Upcoming CRU Events

Planning for 2017 is underway at CRU with more events to be finalised in the next few weeks.  We thought we would send a few dates now so that you can put them on your calendar before it fills up too much. The first is a Dinner at Southbank in on 27th February that will…

The NDIS: Getting Informed – Longreach

These two workshops provide information about the why, when and how of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Queensland, and things you can do now to get ready. This workshop will provides information about the NDIS and help people to think about how they can best use the opportunities offered by the new scheme. You can register for either the workshop on the evening of the Tuesday or the morning of the Wednesday. Places are limited.


Inclusive Education Evening Discussion: Becoming a Better Advocate for your Child’s Inclusion

Inclusion in school (and life) does not “just happen”. Some mainstream schools are very welcoming, but getting a genuinely inclusive education and maintaining the inclusive path over the school years requires parents to be skilled and effective advocates. Most parents find school advocacy challenging! It is common to feel unsure of what you can ask for, and what approach to take if you want change. At times, parents can feel like they have little influence over what is happening with their child’s education. Even when lucky and enjoying a “good year”, there is the question of how to stay on track.

This interactive session is designed as a sharing of “lessons in advocacy” drawing on the wisdom and experience of families who have successfully advocated for school inclusion.


Three upcoming events in Townsville

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting three events in Townsville on Monday 31 October.  These events will be held at the Townsville Sports House, 3–9 Redpath Street, North Ward, Townsville. During the day there will be two events held simultaneously, one for parents interested in inclusive education and one for support workers. That…

QPPD Celebratory Dinner

CRU would also like to seek your assistance in spreading the word regarding a celebratory dinner being held on the evening of Monday 22nd August.  This dinner will commemorate the contribution of Qld Parents for People with a Disability (QPPD), an organisation which made a significant contribution to the lives of people with disability in Queensland and which was formally…

Expecting Valued and Meaningful Lives: Tipping the Balance in Favour of the ‘Culturally Typical’ Options

Expecting Valued and Meaningful Lives: Tipping the Balance in Favour of the ‘Culturally Typical’ Options An Evening Discussion for Families   Download Flyer – PDF Version Download Flyer – Word Version   About the topic: Creating a typical lifestyle – one that looks valued but also “ordinary” – actually takes lots of conscious thinking and…


Inclusive Education Evening Discussion

  About the workshop: Every parent wants their child’s school years to be happy and successful – for school to be a place where their child learns, has friends, participates and belongs.  For children with disability, these dreams depend on finding and maintaining an inclusive school culture and achieving positive relationships between the school and…